Top List of Courses After 12th For A Great Career {2024}: {Stream-Wise}

The thought of leaving school and going to college can be overwhelming. On the one hand, you’re frantically searching for the best Courses after 12th. But on the other hand, you’re excited about what the future has for you.

And while your friends have already chosen their paths and know what they’re doing, you’re confused. You don’t know which path to select and where to begin. But that’s alright!

 Not everyone has to have that perspective right after they finish high school. So, this article will try and help you find the right path.

Find your preferred course and start applying to colleges.

9 Best Courses After 12th You Must Know About

 Whether science is your forte, you’re intrigued by arts, or Commerce is your call, we will provide various options.

 So, here are some unique courses to pursue after 12th for science, commerce, and arts students.

 3 Top Science Courses to Pursue After 12th Grade

 If you’re a science student and want to pursue this subject further, there are various streams to choose from. However, not all courses will help you get the best jobs after graduation.

 So, it’s best to find high-salary courses after 12th in science. In this category, the top three positions are held by:

1. MBBS Degree 

 If you’re looking for easy courses after 12th in science, please choose another stream. That’s because studying MBBS is never ‘easy.’ You’ll have to spend nights studying and understanding the human body like a painting.

 But is it worth it? 100% it is. Once you attain your degree and get registered as a doctor, nothing can stop you from making this world a better place.

 However, you must know a few things: to study MBBS, you must be eligible. So, here are the eligibility criteria for MBBS.

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

More than 20 lakh Indian students appeared for NEET in 2024. And out of 20 Lakh students, more than 11 lakh students qualified. So, you have a high chance of qualifying for the NEET exam if you study properly.

Moreover, to appear for NEET, you must qualify your 12th grade with Bio, English, Physics, and Chemistry, with at least 40% marks if you’re SC/ST/OBC. And if you’re an Upper Caste student, you must earn at least 50% in 12th grade.

  • What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

 As an MBBS student, you must spend 5.5 years earning your degree. And post that, you must spend another year for a house internship.

  • Life After Graduation: 

 Once you start as a house Intern, you’ll earn at least 11 Thousand Rupees monthly. And post that; you’ll earn somewhere between 50 Thousand to 1 Lakh 50 Thousand.


2. B.Sc Degree in IT and Software

A B.Sc degree in IT and software will lead to one of the highest-paying jobs in India, especially with the recent tech boom. Therefore, it’s one of the best courses after 12th in science for girls and boys.

But even for choosing this field, you must prove yourself as eligible. So, here are the criteria you must fulfill to take this course.

  • Your Eligibility Matters:

 Students must complete 12th grade with at least 50% in science if they’re from the upper caste. And OBC/SC/ST caste students must earn at least 40% in their 12th-grade exam.

 Furthermore, you must go through each college’s eligibility criteria and try to fulfill that.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

A Bachelor’s degree in IT and software will teach you to procure, manage, and save data successfully throughout your three-year course.

Moreover, you will also learn about the fundamentals of Computers, testing, and operating computers. Furthermore, you must understand data collection and programming on the Web and various other data collection factors.

  • Life After Graduation:

 Once you graduate, you will be hired by companies like AWS, Microsoft, Meta, and other companies as their data collector.

And for your job role, you’ll be paid between 6,00,000/- and 12,00,000/- per annum.

3. A bachelor’s degree in Architecture

Architecture is one of the most sought-after careers in India, and thousands of students appear for NATA every year. However, before appearing for NATA, here are some criteria you must fulfill in 12th grade.

  •   Your Eligibility Matters:

 If you’re an upper caste student, you must score at least 50% in your 12th grade with Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. And you must receive 40% in your 12th with the above subjects if you’re SC/ST/OBC.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

 B.Arch courses take 5 years to finish and post that, you’ll receive your certificate from the university.

 As an architecture student, you’ll learn about designing, utilizing space, and making buildings strong from inside and out.

  •  Life After Graduation:

Once you finish your education, top Builders will hire you as their designer. And your salary

will range from 20,000/- per month to 3,30,000/-.

 3 Top Arts Courses to Pursue After 12th Grade

 Please visit Karan Johar’s Wiki Profile for those who think Arts will not provide them with good job opportunities and a comfortable life.

 Studying Arts can open doors to Law, journalism, filmmaking, and writing, which are some thriving careers of 2024. So, here are the top 3 Arts courses to choose from after passing 12th.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in English

 If you are thinking, after 12th, which course is best for the future, if I want to keep studying, English Honours is your field. Once you finish studying this course, you can go on to become a writer, a blogger, and a novel critic.

Or you can also complete your education, attain a Ph.D. in English, and become a professor. But, for that, you must prove your eligibility.

Here’s what makes you eligible to study English in college:

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

You must attain at least 50% in 12th grade with Arts subject if you’re an upper caste. And if you’re a SC/ST/OBC, you must attain 40% in your 12th grade with Arts subject.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

You will spend 3 years of your college life learning about various literature genres and analyzing each genre thoroughly.

Moreover, you must learn about timeless authors and their literary pieces and analyze them.

Furthermore, you will study poetries written by authors and learn the history of that period and their inspiration for work.

  •  Life After Graduation:

 You can work as a writer, journalist, blogger, and teacher. Moreover, you can continue your education obtain your master’s and Ph.D. degrees, and start working as a professor.

As an English graduate, your monthly earnings will be between 30,000/- to 1,00,000/-.

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

 Journalism is one of the best courses to pursue after 12th in arts. This is one of the most important careers in India as of 2024. Studying Journalism will give you thriving opportunities and make you a better person.

 Moreover, it will allow you to help citizens learn the truth behind an incident and understand their position in the nation.

 But, to study journalism, there are some things you must learn about.

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

 You must earn at least 50% in your 12th examination if you’re an upper caste student. And if you’re SC/ST/OBC, you must earn at least 40% in your 12th examination.

 Moreover, you must possess an impeccable grip over the English language to study journalism.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

In the 3 years of a journalism degree course, you will learn various things about the geo-political factors of India.

 Moreover, you will learn to find, report, edit, and present news effectively. Moreover, you will also learn effective public relations and how to handle a large crowd for news reporting.

  • Life After Graduation:

Once you graduate, you will be hired by news companies to work for them. And in your profession, you’ll be responsible for unbiased reporting and bringing out the reality of an incident.

As a journo, your earnings will be from 31,000/- to 80,000/- in India.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Film Productions

As an Indian youth, you know the craze our nation has for cinema. But cinema is not just a hero and heroine dancing around the bush or a hero beating the villain mercilessly.

It’s the art, the treatment, and how the story is penned to bring the audience’s finest emotions alive. So, film productions in recent times have become one of the highest salary courses in India after 12th for art students.

But to become a good filmmaker or a producer, you must become eligible to study this course.

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

 To study film productions, you must earn at least 40 to 50% in 12th grade, with a strong grip on English.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

 While pursuing this course, you will learn everything that is done to bring a film to life. You’ll learn to select the right script for your movie and hire the right cast, director, and editor.

 Moreover, you will also learn how to arrange and convince financiers to pitch money for the film.

  •  Life After Graduation:

 After you graduate from your film school, you will be hired by entertainment channels and production houses to work as their junior or associate producer.

 And your salary will start from 10,000/- and can go up to 1,00,000/- per month as you rise.

3 Top Commerce to Pursue After 12th Grade

 You have many options if you’re a commerce student looking for the best courses after 12th in Commerce.

 From earning a degree in Business to studying law, Commerce can bring you some of the best opportunities in life. Therefore, some of the best commerce degrees to pursue in Commerce are:

1. BA in LLB

LLB is the most promising and conventional course among all the courses’ name lists after 12th grade. It will allow you to walk through the Indian legal system and fight cases that mean something to you.

 However, to study law, you must prove yourself to be eligible:

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

 To study LLB, you must obtain 50% in 12th grade if you are from an upper caste. And if you’re from SC/ST/OBC family, you must earn at least 40% in 12th grade.

 Moreover, you must also clear your CLAT exams to be selected by the top law colleges in India.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

 An LLB course will take you three years to complete. And by the time you earn your degree,

you will learn to put your logical reasoning to use.

 Moreover, you’ll also learn about various legislatures and legal codes necessary for lawyers to learn.

  •  Life After Graduation:

 Once you become a lawyer, you can work for various MNCs as a part of their legal team or as an understudy for an ace lawyer.

You will learn 30,000/- to 1,58,000/- every month as a lawyer.

2. Bachelor’s degree in Business

 If you want to become a true blue business personality, a Bachelor’s degree in Business is ideal.

 However, to take this course, you must prove your eligibility as a high school student.

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

 To study Business Administration, you must earn at least 50% in 12th grade if you’re from the upper caste. And if you’re a SC/ST/OBC, you must earn at least 40% marks.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

 In the 4 years of your Business Administration course, you will learn about finance, accounting, and business communication. Moreover, you will also learn about economics, international mergers and a lot more.

  •  Life After Graduation:

 After graduating from college, you can work in marketing, advertising, HR, digital marketing and various other fields.

 And you will earn from 4,00,000/- to 30,00,000/-per year.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce

 A bachelor’s degree in Commerce is the quintessential field one commerce student chooses after their 12th.

 This course will also allow you to study Chartered Accountancy while pursuing this course and work as an articled clerk.

 However, you must be aware of the eligibility criteria before you want to pursue this course.

  •  Your Eligibility Matters:

 You must obtain at least 50% in your 12th as an upper caste student. And if you’re from an SC/ST/OBC background, you must obtain at least 40% in your 12th.

  •  What to Expect While Pursuing This Field:

 You will learn vividly about economics, Business, and taxation in your three-year course duration. Furthermore, you will also learn about accountancy business law, and finance.

  •  Life After Graduation:

After you graduate, you can finish your cost accountancy and work for major banks and Audit companies. At the same time, appear for CA exams and clear them to become a top-class chartered accountant.

As a Cost accountant, you earn from 13,000/- to 1,00,000/- monthly.

And as a Chartered accountant, you will earn from 41,666/- to more than 16,00000/-

{Frequently Asked Questions}

Question: 1  What course is better after 12th?

Answer: After 12th Science, the most popular courses are B.Tech, B.E., B.Sc, MBBS, and BDS. B.Com, BBA, and many other commerce courses are available for students. B. A. The most popular course among Arts stream students. Apart from these, many UG courses after class 12 are available for students of all streams.

Question: 2 How many courses are available after 12th?

Answer: Courses available after 12th with Science include B.Tech/BE, Integrated M.Tech, BCA, B.Arch, B.Sc, MBBS, BDS, BPharm, Nursing, and Paramedical.

Question: 3 Which has more scope in the future?

Big Data is the future, and jobs like Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and ML Engineer rank among the top emerging jobs in India.

Question: 4 Can I Choose Any Professional Courses After Completing My 12th With Arts?

Answer: You can choose hospitality, banking, aviation, tourism, and other fields. So, don’t worry about the career options. Just study whatever you want to study and proceed for a great career ahead.

Question: 5 Will Studying English Help Me With My Career in the Future?

Answer: Studying English will open several nobel doors for you. For example, after finishing your Bachelor’s degree in English, you can apply for a master’s degree and then a Ph.D. Or you can also study journalism after your Bachelor’s and dream of becoming a journalist. Moreover, with a degree in English, you can apply for writers’ jobs and become a wordsmith.

Question: 6 Can I Study Law After Finishing My 12th in Commerce?

Answer: Yes, anyone can study law after completing their 12th. You must prepare for The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and clear it with satisfying grades. And your dream of becoming a lawyer will come true.

Question: 7 Is Architecture A Good Line of Education After Finishing 12th?

Answer: Architecture is one of the best lines of education after completing your 12th. But for that, you must sit for its entrance exams, NATA and JEE, and clear it with satisfactory grades. Otherwise, you won’t be placed in the best colleges of India.

Concluding Words!

There are various Courses After 12th that you can pursue and make a marvelous career out of it. However, you must have faith in yourself and understand that you can make a great career.

I wish that the future treats you the same way you treat yourself now. Best of Luck!

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