Best Private Medical Colleges In Rajasthan: MBBS 2024

Best Private Medical Colleges In Rajasthan: MBBS 2024

The landscape of healthcare and medical education in Rajasthan has undergone tremendous change. This is a result of private medical colleges. These organizations have become significant forces. It leads to the growth of the healthcare industry and medical professionals. The establishment of private medical schools in Rajasthan is a significant step. It fulfills the rising demand for high-quality medical education and treatment.

Top 4 Private Medical Colleges in Rajasthan

1.   Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur

The Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology is an institution. There is a board trust known as India Education Trust (IET), which was in 1999 and is being led by Dr. M. L. Swarankar. You can get guidance on private medical colleges in Rajasthan. India Education Trust is a sponsor. The launch of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital (MGH) was on October 2, 2000. The College Hospital has 1000 beds. It is a full-service teaching hospital with several specialties.


Candidates want to enroll in DM/MCh programs. They must apply and show up for the NEET Super-Specialty exam. It is the National Board of Examinations. On the basis of NEET SS merit, candidates must enroll for counseling.


The placement rates for students were about 90% at EHCC. There are Fortis and SMS Hospital. The highest monthly wage on offer is Rs. 1,20,000.

2.   Geetanjali medical college and hospital, Jaipur

The gem of Geetanjali University is the Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital. The establishment of GMCH is the realization of Shri J.P. Agarwal’s vision. It is the institute’s founder and chairman. It has done all in its power to ensure its success. The reason for this Hospital and College is the popularity in Udaipur. It is due to his devotion and dedication. You can find the right on private medical colleges in Rajasthan.

There is an annual admission of 250 MBBS students. Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital is a medical school. The accreditation is from the Medical Council of India by the Indian government. The goal is to guarantee that our students get high levels of medical education. There is competency and assurance. We adhere to the rules at GMCH.


The centralized common counseling for admission is PG Medical (M.D./M.S.). There is Post MBBS DNB. It is the Post MBBS Diploma Course. The chairman carries out. There is NEET PG Admission/Counseling Board 2023.

Application cost: All applicants must submit a non-refundable application cost of Rs. 3000 (Rs. 1500 for SC and ST candidates with in the state of Rajasthan) plus any relevant transaction fees. If you want to know about private medical colleges in Rajasthan, you can contact us.


During placements in 2022, the average salary given to MBBS students was INR 7.50 LPA. The average package was INR 7.20 LPA in 2021. Over the past three years, there has been an increase in the median package awarded to MBBS students.

3.   Pacific institute of medical sciences, Udaipur

The Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences in Umarda, Udaipur, welcomes you. We are a devoted group of medical experts. They are giving our patients the best possible treatment. Our hospital is with modern amenities. There is cutting-edge technology. It allows us to offer our patients top-notch medical care.

We concentrate on fostering a kind and inviting environment. It makes our patients feel at ease. We recognize that being in a hospital may be a stressful experience. Our team is always there to answer any concerns. They offer help. Our facility is to give a relaxing and calm environment.


Post Graduation NEET Exam is the basis for admission. This is for the Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences’ Diploma (DIP). There is Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Master of Surgery (MS) programs. 50% of MD/MS seats are available through MCC counseling. 50% are available through Rajasthan state-level counseling. You can explore the private medical colleges in Rajasthan.


The class gets 90% of pupils. The bundles differ based on the hospitals. People have joined AIIMS and a few other top hospitals. The majority of the students are medical officers and JRs. Many of them passed their PG exams on their very first try.

4.   Ananta Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, Rajsamand

There is a purpose and mission of offering excellence in the field of medical education. Ananta Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre was the first medical college.

It has a 150 MBBS seat annual capacity. It is with Rajasthan University of Health Sciences.

The institute boasts a beautiful infrastructure. There is a welcoming atmosphere. The teaching staff is well trained and experienced from famous Indian institutes.


The goal is to engage in counseling. You must be familiar with the following topics. They are mandatory service bonds and resignation policies. There are nativity clauses and penalty clauses. There are available quotas and Rajasthan state rank lists. There are other costs aside from tuition prices. There are choice filling strategies and many others.


In our batch, about 150 students got placement. The highest compensation package available is 22 LPA. 13.2 LPA is the lowest wage package that is available. Any hospital can recruit you to work as an assistant or a junior resident in one of its departments. Every student accepted into the program is to complete an internship.


Wrapping Up

There is educational quality. The private medical institutions in Rajasthan have achieved major advancements. Many of them have cutting-edge facilities. There are knowledgeable instructors and an extensive curriculum that satisfies national requirements. The price of attending private medical colleges is one of the main obstacles. The cost of tuition can be greater than at government institutions. It may restrict entry for students from low-income backgrounds. Private medical school admissions can be quite tough. This is due to the high demand for admission. There is competitive entrance exams. It might be difficult to get accepted into these universities. Get in touch with us for private medical colleges in Rajasthan.


Qs 1: Can I get a 250-mark private MBBS?

Generally speaking, you can receive a private MBBS with 250 marks in the state quota. There is all India quota, depending on when and where you apply to a college.

Qs 2: Which private medical school in India is the most expensive?

The most costly four-and-a-half-year MBBS program is by D Y Patil Medical College. It is in Navi Mumbai, India. It has total of INR 13. 5 crore ($197,000). In Tamil Nadu, there are several other medical institutions. They demand tuition beyond INR 25 lakh ($36,000).

Qs 3: Are private medical schools worthwhile?

Yes. It is worthwhile to pursue an MBBS without financial support, even from a private college. It costs a crore to earn a degree with 50 lacs in donations. It is 50 lacs in five years of tuition, its value is the same. Merit-based private college admissions run between $20 and $30 million over five years.

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