Guide To The Top Agriculture Colleges In Bihar 2024

Guide To The Top Agriculture Colleges In Bihar 2024

Agriculture colleges represent the institutions of education. It shows the special training along with education in different areas of agriculture. The colleges offer students with sufficient expertise and knowledge required for a career in the field of agribusiness, agriculture, and allied fields. We have come across different agricultural universities and colleges in Bihar, India. It is important to explore the research and education in agriculture.


Complete Guide to Agriculture College in Bihar 2024

There are some major agriculture colleges in Bihar:


1. Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour


BAU is a renowned agricultural university located in Bihar. The primary campus is present in a place named Sabour, Bhagalpur. It presents different postgraduate and undergraduate programs in the field of agriculture and related fields.


2. Rajendra Agricultural University (RAU), Pusa


Rajendra Agricultural University is present in Pusa, Samastipur. This is a major institution for agriculture in Bihar. It offers various forms of courses in agriculture. It carries out research in agriculture.


3. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa


It was named as Pusa Institute, RPCAU and it is present in Pusa, Samastipur. It presents different programs like postgraduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs in the field of agriculture and other areas.


4. Nalanda College of Horticulture, Noorsarai


It is a college dedicated to learning horticulture and it is present in Noorsarai, Nalanda. It presents programs associated with vegetable and fruit production.


5. Bihar Veterinary College, Patna


It is basically concentrated on veterinary science. Bihar Veterinary College is present in Patna. It presents programs associated with the management of livestock and animal husbandry. These are major parts of the agriculture. You can get clear guidance from Agriculture college in bihar.


The institutions present different programs in horticulture, agriculture, and associated areas. Those who want to develop a career in agriculture in Bihar can check the colleges. Some of them will fulfill the research and educational requirements.



Agriculture colleges present different topics like agriculture and associated fields. The topics are created to offer students a sound education in different fields of agriculture. The major topics in colleges of agriculture are as follows:


1. Crop Science


Students explore various forms of crops along with cultivation. It includes management and breeding. It consists of topics e.g., plant physiology, agronomy, and protection of crops.


2. Soil Science


Soil science includes the learning of the composition of soil, fertility, and properties. The students come to know about the management of soil, the importance of soil, and conservation in agriculture.


3. Animal Science


The field explores nutrition, breeding, management, and health of livestock. Students will explore topics associated with animal husbandry, animal welfare, and genetics.


4. Agricultural Economics


Agricultural economics consists of economic and financial issues of agriculture. The students come to know the trends in the market, farm management, pricing, and policy of agriculture.


5. Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural engineering consists of the development and design of the equipment and machinery for farming. It consists of topics e.g., systems of irrigation, environmental control systems, and farm machinery.


6. Horticulture


Horticulture involves the science of growing fruits, ornamental plants, and vegetables. Students explore the propagation of plants, the management of pests, and greenhouse management.


7. Agribusiness


Agribusiness includes the principles of business and agriculture. The students explore supply chain management, marketing, and finally entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture.


8. Environmental Science


Environmental science agriculture involves conservation, sustainability, and influence on the environment over the practices of agriculture.


9. Food Science and Technology


It is a field that targets processing and production. It is based on the quality of the food products. The students come to know about microbiology, the quality of food, and the preservation of food.


10. Rural Development


Rural development involves the influence of agriculture over rural communities. The students check the strategies. The goal is to enhance the habitats of rural life and infrastructure.


11. Agricultural Education


The colleges present programs in the education of agriculture. It gives the students a chance to be trainers in agriculture or advisors.


12. Agronomy


Agronomy concentrates on the science associated with the management of soil, production of crop, and planning of land use.


13. Management of Disease and Pest


It is a topic that includes the control and identification of pests. It involves pointing out the diseases that influence the livestock and crops.


14. Biotechnology in Agriculture


Students come to know about the application of biotechnology in the development of crops. It involves genetic engineering plus applications of biotechnology in the field of agriculture.




The colleges of agriculture have an international reach. They collaborate with various organizations across the world. The goal is to deal with foreign security of food along with the challenges of agriculture.  If you want to know more about agriculture college in Bihar, get in touch with us!




What is the total number of colleges for agriculture in Bihar?


According to researchers, there are 12 colleges for agriculture in Bihar. There are four privately owned institutions and there are two public or government-owned institutions in Bihar offering courses in Agriculture.


What will be the rank of the state of Bihar in the field of Agriculture?



On the basis of the production of fruit, it has been placed third for the production of pineapple. The rank is quite high for bananas, mango, and guava. There are some farmers in the state of Bihar who are getting involved in strawberry farming. The reason is the high financial returns.



Which colleges are approved by ICAR in Bihar?


Two constituent colleges of BAU, Sabour namely, BPSAC, Purnea, and VKSCOA, Dumraon were accredited by ICAR, New Delhi.


What is the total number of seats in agriculture in Bihar?


Bihar Agricultural University presents B. Tech in a particular discipline. There are B.V. Sc & A.H. along with B.Sc in these two disciplines. It has been found that there are 335 seats at the undergraduate level.



What is the duration of BSc agriculture in the state of Bihar?


Bihar Agricultural University presents B. Tech in a particular discipline, B.V. Sc & A.H. along with B.Sc in those two disciplines having 335 seats at the undergraduate level.

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