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Find out the upcoming engineering exam calendar


The engineering field is the choice of many students who complete their 12th with PCM. They choose among the different branches such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, or any other subject. Students select this specific field because of having lots of options from the career point of view.

But they need to prepare for the entrance exam the Engineering. This is why they should have information about the upcoming engineering exam calendar. The idea about the exam dates helps students to prepare for the exams substantially.

Several topics have to be covered in each subject. Therefore, the exam dates allow them to schedule their study routine. The availability of the Engineering Exam Calendar 2021 is an essential aspect for aspirants. Exams are conducted on a different level and this is why students need to find the exact dates. After completing the registration process, knowing the accurate exam date is necessary. Students have to crack the exams to gain eligibility for taking admission to the recognized colleges. Knowing the exam date falling on different days is imperative.

 Check out the significance of Engineering Exam Calendar 2021: 

Students need to understand the importance of the Engineering Exam Calendar 2021. The concrete preparation can only help them to get admitted to the renowned colleges of engineering. Therefore, they should be active in collecting the update about the upcoming engineering exam calendar. In some circumstances, manipulations are also introduced in the dates of the exam. The arrival of the pandemic situation in 2020-2021 has led to problems on an unexpected level. Many students have suffered because of the cancellation of their board exams. For this reason, having a clarified chart of the exam dates is crucial to decide about the preparation aspects.

Students should be updated with information like application form updates, exam dates, and eligibility criteria. The entrance exam of the Engineering is competitive and this is why students need to follow a productive study plan to ensure good marks with possibilities of admission eligibility in the top colleges. Entrance exams are usually conducted for undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Therefore, students should prepare as per the exam date to make sure their preparation level is up to the mark.

 Eligibility criteria about the B.Tech programs:

Students are finally choosing the B.Tech program to shape their career in the technical field. The top brands hire candidates knowing the computer science brand along with programming languages. The profile of the full stack developer and others like software developer, the android developer is the most common field. Almost every organization needs candidates for such positions. Therefore, students can find several job opportunities if they choose to pursue a B.Tech related to this field.

Secured jobs are the priority of the students. This is why they select the field where they can be stable within an organization for a long time.

  • For seeking after any B. Tech course, one should pass Class 12 in Science stream. The aspirants need to go with the subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics as the subjects in their +2 tests. Those who have focused on these subjects in Class 12 get the eligibility for admission in the B.Tech programs.
  • What’s more, understudies should score somewhere around 50% of imprints in Class 12 to be qualified for B.Tech affirmation in designing universities the nation over.
  • Streams like Biomedical Engineering, a student with biology as one of the subjects is considered to be eligible in Class 12.
  • Most often, B.Tech Admission Process and Eligibility Criteria are unique about four-year B.Tech qualification standards.

Focus on the MTech eligibility criteria: 

Many students wish to take admission in the post-graduate program after completing their graduation. But they must know the eligibility criteria for this particular program. Higher studies are the aim of several students for which they have to prepare once again. Each program has certain eligibility criteria and matching those are important to create a place for itself. Thus, students can take the information from the authentic source of solution to get maximum information.

Applicants who have finished a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences bringing about the honor of a Master of Science certification are likewise qualified for the Master of Engineering course. Apart from this, Up-and-comers who have finished their B.Tech degrees with a legitimate score in GATE 2021 are qualified for the MTech degree course. However, the Confirmation depends on the position got in the passageway test directed for MTech. This is a remarkable aspect that MTech qualification models would be different in different colleges. And accordingly, students need to approach for their admission.

Take a look at the upcoming Engineering Exam Calendar 2021:

Staying updated with the upcoming Engineering Exam Calendar 2021 is important at all costs. Students should realize the time and date left with them to improve their aptitude skills and make revisions. Apart from this, they can have the time for making revisions to what they have studied till now. Usually, the gaping between the application form and the exam date is not around more them one and half months or two. This is why; they need to be very serious about the preparation and providing with the final touch.

Further, students can check their improvements through the regular mock test. This will let them know about their preparation level and will enable them to make sure about obtaining the desired marks in the exam. It is difficult usually to get enrolled in the top engineering colleges. This is why they must have to take care of every aspect that involves the attributes. Realizing the correct ways for preparation is the foremost aspect to keep going. Thus, the strategy should be there to make sure about the marks that students can obtain to the maximum.

  • JEE Advanced 2021:
  • Application process: May 2021 (First week)
  • Exam Date: July 2021
  • JEE Advanced AAT 2021:
  • Application process: October 2021
  • Exam Date: October 2021
  • APIIT NAT 2021
  • Application process: June 2021
  • Exam date: July 2021

Why upcoming Engineering Exam Calendar 2021should be taken into consideration?

The way of preparation matters significantly to crack the engineering exam. This is why; selecting the path that may lead to success plays an important role. Therefore students need to develop their perception about the methods that they should apply for the exam this will help them to get enrollment in the desired colleges of engineering. The upcoming date does not only allow them to have an idea about the time that they have, but it also makes them aware of the exam series that is about to fall. Sometimes students apply for more than one combined exam and the clash of the exam dates may create problems for them. Thus they must have information about the accurate exam dates for each paper that they have applied.


Students need to take the initiative to find them about the upcoming Engineering Exam Calendar 2021. The preparation as per the appropriate rule provides the student with a good result. They become capable with enough time to make sure about their improvement in their skills. They need to practice more to ensure acquiring the marks that match the cut-off of top colleges of engineering.

The placement by top brands is possible through enrollment in top colleges. Usually, the campus recruitment is done through the companies by visiting the reputed colleges. Therefore, students need to consider this factor.


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