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Choose air hostess courses for career options with relevant information

The aviation industry holds specific recognition for the career npiy6nt of view. Today a maximum number of graduates wish to go ahead in the aviation field. And the profile of air hostesses is the most common choice of young graduates. The career option as air hostess does not allow getting a high salary but also provides the candidate with the opportunity to explore the country and world. Individuals dreaming of an air hostess career may step ahead to find all relevant information about the Air Hostess Courses. 

However, there is no need for the highest qualification for this profile. Air hostess aspirant needs to be 12th passes along with pleasing personality. Apart from these, they can pursue the diploma from the recognized institute to make sure about the eligibility and develop more understanding. They need to initiate the correct strategy to reach out to a legitimate source of the details air hostess aspirant should know.

The most important thing is the eligibility criteria for Air Hostess Courses such as qualification and other perks after becoming the act hostess. Taking all these into consideration is the most important factor. Therefore, every candidate needs to take care of the mandatory aspects to keep making the path clear to achieve the professional desire.

 Why is an air hostess profile advantageous from a career point of view?

The Air hostess profile is the most reputed and responsible in the aviation industry. An individual should have information about the benefits for which they would be able to avail of. The air hostess courses have a lot of aspects on which aspirants need to focus. The proper management and maintenance of zeal for the courses are possible with elaborated information. Opportunities with different airlines help to gain noticeable experience. An individual can receive the following perks if they shape up their career as the air hostess:

  • Medical facilities
  • Free clothing and accessories
  • Less working days
  • Traveling allowances for the family
  • Opportunities to visit different locations of countries
  • Excellent Pay Scale
  • Job satisfaction

The job profile of an air hostess is very exciting and they get a good package. However, the salary depends on whether someone is working in a domestic airline or an international airline. Usually, the Salary structure in an international airline is comparatively better than a domestic airline. Most often candidates hired by the domestic airline receive a salary ranging from approx 25,000 to 40,000.

Another admirable benefit of the air hostess profile is that it provides an opportunity to the selected candidates to make a global exploration. Apart from this, they gain exposure by meeting many new people that enable them to add to their knowledge and experience. Air hostesses are provided with the facilities for Staying at luxurious hotels that is one of the amazing aspects of the job profile.

An air hostess gets opportunities to learn multiple things during their entire job span. This is such a job profile that makes them polite, patient and makes them aware of handling even the panic situation. Air hostesses learn about how to bring transformation inside them. Opportunities for conversation with people coming from different cultures make them more acquainted with basic aspects of their lives.

 What are the basics challenges air hostess have to face during their job? 

Air hostesses must be familiar with the challenges that are bound to come during the duty hour. They have usually a certain kind of boundary and they need to follow those. Air hostesses have to manage various tasks with dedication. This is why; goodwill gesture is the foremost facet inside them.

Usually, it is difficult to get the job of an air hostess. Airlines work with a certain number of air hostesses and this is why it a competitive career option. For one opening, there might be several applicants and the best one is selected. For this reason, strong preparation is necessary for all applicants to ensure their selection.

Further, they are compelled to take care of each passenger’s need. They can be called any time if a passenger needs help or any stuff during their journey. This is why air hostesses need to be cautious and ready to assist the passengers according to their concerns.

Apart from all these, most often there is no particular time slot for duty hour of the air hostess. It is the biggest challenge for them as they cannot schedule their things as per their choice. Mostly, they have to work on Sunday as well as per the requirement. There is no specific weekend day for the air hostesses. It is all about their job. They need to give their major part of the time to their professional lives. Air hostesses do not get any privileges for spending special time with their families and close ones.

Additionally, air hostesses have to maintain their appearance. They should always look fresh and need to keep themselves active during their duty hour. These are some of the aspects that lead to compromise for them.

 What are the Eligibility Criteria for Air Hostess?


It is the most imperative factor to find about the eligibility criteria for air hostesses. The aspirant must explore how to pursue the air hostess courses after completing 12th. In the current time, the aviation field has gained popularity extensively. The young generation is frequently choosing their career in the aviation industry. It is considered the most exciting and glamorous profession that offers the chance to explore new places and specific cultures as well. The eligibility criteria for air hostess are:

  • Aspirants should be fluent in English communication.
  • Their age should be between 19 to 27 years.
  • They must have completed 10+2 with a degree or diploma in hospitality and tourism management.
  • The minimum height for an air hostess should be 5 feet 2 inches,
  • The weight of the aspirants should be proportionate to the height.
  • They must be eligible for an Indian Passport.
  • Their eyesight must be perfect and should be 6/6 vision.
  • They need to be medically fit.
  • Their complexion must be clear to fair.
  • Apart from all the above, they must have a good personality.

 Find out the strategy to prepare for air hostess profile: 

The concrete preparation can be done when the aspirant will complete knowledge for all aspects. Air hostess courses are crucial to be a successful air hostess. But aspirants might not have the idea about what should be their steps to go ahead with their dream. Thus, they should find the working tips that may help them to get the way for their achievements in the aviation sector. There are multiple airlines and their criteria might differ slightly from each other. This is why the development of the understandings of the preparation techniques is necessary at all costs. Further, with the experience, people come to know about various features of the air hostess profile and they can easily cope up with the competitive challenges later on.

The proper training is always required to manage the responsibilities of the air hostess profile. An individual needs to focus on these factors to go longer with the profile related to aviation.

  • Self-grooming
  • Appearance and Postures.
  • Voice Modulation
  • Active Listening.
  • Complaint Handling
  • Knowledge of Airlines (International and Domestic)
  • Customer Handling
  • Communication Skills
  • In-flight Service.
  • Body Language
  • Make- up

How to get substantial information about the air hostess courses?

Taking a look at the air hostess courses will not make anyone so surprised. But it is a common aspect and a part of the aviation industry. To make a career as an air hostess, flight attendant, cabin crew, steward, or stewardess, it is important to have a pleasing personality. The overall presentation matter significantly to add to the requirement of the air hostess profile.

The way of the appearance of your gesture is the most imperative factor. Your voice should be quite clear. Apart from this, you have to work a lot on your communication skill and the explanation gesture to let the passenger understand the flight policies easily. The clarity in all facets is the foremost thing to keep on managing the accuracy with no errors.

It is the responsibility of air hostesses to make the journey safe for their passengers. To ensure safety during the flight take-off can be managed by sharing the safety measure like how to tie the seat belt, how to manage the oxygen level if required. Air hostess initially train the passengers by showing the utilization of the oxygen cap as an instant themselves. They particularly do it for teaching them and make sure about no mistake will occur in an emergency.

 What are the types of Air Hostess Courses? 

Individuals aspiring for air hostess may consider these courses. The flawless path can be created with effort. The aspirant should explore as much as possible. Therefore learning more about the air hostess course should be the priority at all costs. Usually, three kinds of courses are available to secure a career in the aviation industry as an air hostess.

 Air hostess courses are as stated: 

  • Degree Course
  • Diploma Course
  • Certificate Course

Another option for an air hostess course is, the aspirant can you can join a 3-year air hostess degree course after completing your 10+2.

 Find the list of courses to offer wing to your career: 

It is important for air hostess aspirants to look at the list of the air hostess courses after the 12th. The course information is essential as it will help them to conclude what to do finally. Decision-making potential improves with the package of details only. The same aspect applies to air hostess courses. Therefore, individuals can think of taking these courses to go ahead in the aviation field as air hostesses. Therefore, anyone who has decided to wing their career in the sky needs to take admission in any of the following courses.

  • Bachelor of Science (Air Hostess Training)
  • BBA (Aviation)
  • Bachelor of Science (Aviation)
  • The undergraduate program in Travel and Tourism
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management

 What is the selection process of air hostesses? 

The selection process is another imperative factor that anyone needs to know. Air hostess aspirant should try their best to explore the selection process. It is crucial because they will have an idea about how to prepare following that. Different factors are there on which aspirants have to focus. It usually ranges from their personality work to their education aspect. It is however noticed that personality and intelligence power are foremost attributes taken into consideration.

The Flight may undergo an emergency anytime. Therefore, panic situation management is tested. Air hostess aspirant should be knowledgeable practically for managing the worst circumstances if appear. The passenger’s safety is the core concern of airlines. This is why they check out this factor thoroughly before hiring any candidate. As far as the written test is concerned, then it is IQ-based. Therefore, the practice of aptitude and reasoning questions can help them a lot.

Airlines companies conduct the recruitment process through a written exam. This is later followed by a group discussion and a personal interview.

 Written Exam consists of the following: 

Written exam paper comprises the aptitude and reasoning to check out the IQ of the candidates. The question paper is designed with multiple-choice objective questions. This is why candidates need to prepare efficiently to obtain good marks in the written exam. Therefore, candidates would be eligible to proceed for the next phase. To score highest in the written exam, you require good preparation.

 The subsequent segment is Group Discussion (GD): 

The group discussion is conducted to check out the presence of the mind. In addition to this, the purpose of the GD process is also to test communication skills, teamwork, leadership quality, and attitude. Therefore, candidates must know how to make concrete preparation to overcome the challenges for group discussion. It usually requires practicing more and more to generate confidence and be sure about the accuracy of the answers and explanations.

 The last phase is the Interview: 

The interview is the after everything else stage of the selection process. A candidates’ overall personality is tested through the interview process. And later, they are provided the training of six months to proceed on the practical platform. During the training process, candidates learn the practical things that they have to perform on their duty. The purpose of training is to make newly hired candidates familiar with the rules and their core responsibilities.

 Can I get the name of popular institutes for enrollment to pursue air hostess courses?

Air hostess aspirants look for popular institutes for enrollment to pursue air hostess courses. Having an idea about the recognized institute is necessary. The reputed institute provides the placement as well. Thus, the candidate should explore with their positive attitude to know more about the air hostess course platform.

Complete knowledge about each aspect can help the candidate to realize the basic requirement along with the fee. Usually, air hostess aspirants think of getting enrolled in the institute that can make them fully capable of applying for the opening in any airline. Candidates may find some of the renowned institute’s names here:

  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  • Air hostess Academy (AHA)
  • Kingfisher Training Academy
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics
  • Universal Aviation Academy
  • Jet Airways Training Academy
  • Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation

They can visit the institute to take information about the admission process and fees. Besides these, the course duration also matters. Proper knowledge about air hostess courses is essential to retain in the aviation industry. Mistakes might lead to huge problems as the job is related to managing the people on flights. Complications may arise with any passenger and even with the function of the flight. Therefore, the main aspect is that they should be competent in directing a passenger to them safe and ensure a safe journey.

 How to explore top recruiter companies of the air hostess?

Candidates can find the name of top recruiters of an air hostess. Besides all other factors, it is also important for them to know the companies that frequently hire air hostesses. It might the domestic airlines or the international airlines. The company may have a different structure for hiring the air hostess and this is why candidates need to collect the relevant information. This is so because the duration of the air hostess course after the 12th varies from 6 months to 1 year. Such a duration is however long.

Air hostess aspirants should make them completely prepared to approach the job and pull them over duty as soon as possible. And the dropping of applications for air hostess profiles can catch the pace only when candidates will be familiar with hiring companies. Airlines such as Air India, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, and British Airways, and Lufthansa recruiters air hostess the most. For this reason, they are known as top recruiters. Candidates should be aware of the opening in these airline companies to grab job opportunities.


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