Get Guide To The Best PU Colleges In Bangalore 2024

Get Guide To The Best PU Colleges In Bangalore 2024

Bangalore is the “Silicon Valley of India.” It is well-known and there is a growing IT industry. It has outstanding educational institutions. The pre-university colleges in the city stand out. It is for their dedication to offering high-quality education. It influences the academic careers of thousands of students. These pre-university colleges are important stepping stones for students. They want to pursue further education in a variety of professions.

Exploring The Best PU Colleges In Bangalore 2024

Bangalore has a wide range of pre-university colleges. It offers programs that prepare students for the rigorous requirements of university life. The students want to study science, commerce, the arts, or vocational courses. The pre-university colleges have a variety of possibilities in Bangalore. It suits their specific interests and professional goals. You can get guidelines on the best PU colleges in Bangalore.

1. Christ Global Composite PU College

Christ Global Composite P.U. College aspires to produce a group of talented students. It pushes them to reach their best potential. The college provides pre-university programs for students. It is for the 11th and 12th grades only.


  • There is the submission of documents. We observe the verification of PUC admission.
  • Original Transfer Certificate and attested copy of the original 10th STD Marks Card.
  • Original Migration certificate from their respective Board (excluding Karnataka State Board candidates).
  • Letter from the Parish Priest (Christian students only)


Christ Global Pre University College prepares students for their future academic endeavors. They are offering a solid intellectual foundation. They provide programs that assist students. They excel in their chosen disciplines. They are performing well in various entrance tests. It is for undergraduate courses at colleges around India.

2. Mount Carmel PU College

There is management of Mount Carmel PU College for Women, Bengaluru. The Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa. was founded in 1948 to address India’s growing demand for women’s education. You can explore the best PU colleges in Bangalore.

It is a minority institution for Roman Catholic students. In the spirit of service, it welcomes students of all castes and creeds. There is empowerment of women. It is through value-based education. The college draws inspiration from the Person and Teachings of Jesus Christ. There is a Universal Master and Model of Education.

In 2002, there was the separation of Pre-University College. It is from the First Grade College. Our students have received government scholarships, prizes, and medals. They have continued to raise the College flag. It is by achieving excellent marks in the Pre-University Board Exams. The Pre-University College has 2600 students. It is a great testament to its vision and mission. It is one of India’s top ten colleges.



  1. A copy of the Marks Card (attested by the school). The computer gives us a copy. There is a Marks Card for the 10th standard.
  2. The Aadhar card.
  3. Certificate of Transfer (TC)
  4. Certificate of Baptism.
  5. There is a letter from the Parish Priest. It is on the church letterhead, with the Parish Priest’s signature and seal.
  6. The most recent photograph is a passport and stamp size. There are 3 photos of the student. They are not in uniform. The head is not covered. There is a back backdrop of white with light-colored modest attire).
  7. Students have a savings bank account. It is the Mount Carmel PU College Premises, with UCO Bank.


  • A copy of the Marks Card is by the school.
  • A computer-generated copy of the Marks Card for the 10th standard.
  • The Aadhar card.
  • Certificate of Transfer (TC)
  • A recent photograph of a student.
  • It is not in uniform. There is no cover over the head. There is a backdrop white with a light-colored modest dress) (passport and stamp size – 3 each).
  • Students must have a savings bank account. It is at the Mount Carmel PU College Premises, with UCO Bank.


The students of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore received direct campus placements. There are organizations such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Accenture, and others in 2022. Mount Carmel College students in Bangalore obtained the highest package offer of Rs. 7.50 lakhs per year.

3. Jyoti Nivas PU College

There are six young peasant girls in the French village of Tarbes. There is inspiration from God. We find a life of contemplation. There was prayer in 1843, Thus the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes was set up.

Bowring Hospital was where the sisters who arrived in Bangalore in 1882 worked. In 1966, the sisters of the society founded Jyoti Nivas College. They recognized that education was a pressing need for women in Bangalore. Jyoti Nivas has been providing holistic education to young ladies ever since.

Jyoti Nivas Pre-University College has been operating alone since 2001. The institute is pursuing the mission of St. Joseph of Tarbes Society. There is a vision of communion and service. We find excellence in producing balanced by emotion. It is the spiritual level. There is upright and social condemnation. There is enlightenment at the intellectual level. They change the society.


Candidates must provide the following documents. They are the College to complete the Admission procedure.

We get the Transfer Certificate and Migration Certificate for ICSE. These are essential for CBSE and Other Board Students. There is a Provisional Eligibility Certificate for IGCSE, Foreign, and NRI Students. There is a Parish Priest Letter for Catholic Students Only.

Transfer Certificates and Migration Certificates are available. There are Marks Card and Aadhar Card. It is important to have an income or Caste Certificate. There are passports for Foreign Students Only. We have used visas and they are for Foreign Students. We found a Baptism Certificate. If you have any doubts about the best PU colleges in Bangalore, get in touch with us!

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Every year, there are around 85% of Jyoti Nivas College students. They are placed in a festival. The greatest compensation package available is 12 LPA. The lowest is 3.6 LPA, It is the right way. The Average salary package available is 6LPA. Candidates must submit 5 passport-size photographs for the preceding documents.

4. Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, Vishweshwarapura, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru

Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College (SBMJC) was in 1990. It was set up in VV Puram by a group of Jain Society members. It is today recognized as a component of Jain University. There is the development of several colleges. SBMJC remains a famous college. The college has five campuses in Bangalore and one in KGF. More than 8,000 students attend the college.


We find a passing grade in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. It must be 10th standard or any other test recognized by the Pre-University Board.


Approximately half of the students were after graduating from college. The highest offered income was 3.5 LPA, while the lowest offered salary was 2.4 LPA.


The student chooses the right Pre-University (PU) colleges in Bangalore. It is a subjective decision. It often depends on individual preferences, goals, and academic requirements. We can conclude by highlighting some of the well-regarded PU colleges in Bangalore. There are factors like academic excellence, infrastructure, faculty, and extracurricular opportunities. Contact us now!


Qs 1: Do you allow phones in Pre-University colleges?

The usage of cell phones inside campus is completely restricted. The college phones might be during an emergency. There is a restriction on the usage of pan masala. It is important not to use tobacco. We should avoid using hookah, gutkha, and drugs. It is good to avoid alcohol. There are Inside campus. The students should not make a group or wander around. It is valid for college hours.

Qs 2: What will be the dress pattern for pre-university college?

Girls and Boys should dress in smart casual. It is important to follow the dress code.

Qs 3: How do I choose a good PU college?

The criteria is to pick up the right PU college. It includes the affiliation and selection of course. There is quality and faculty of training. It is important to complete the curriculum. There is a daily review of and importance of scholarship. There are activities other than education.

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