SSC CHSL Typing Test {2024}: How To Crack 10+2 Typing Speed

SSC CHSL Typing Test {2024}: How To Crack 10+2 Typing Speed

Have you cleared the SSC CHSL written exam? If yes, then be ready for the final round which is SSC CHSL Typing Test 2024. As students after qualifying for the tier 1 and tier 2 exams they need to go for tier 3 which is also known as SSC CHSL Typing Test is the final step and after qualifying it students will be part of the government jobs. So let’s follow the SSC CHSL Typing Test 2024 here and get to know How to Crack 10+2 Typing Speed in detail.

SSC CHSL Skill test is another name to pronounce for the final step of the SSC CHSL exam so those who are seeking to know How to Crack 10+2 Typing Speed to reserve their seat in the government cadre then it is important to follow each and every step of SSC 10+2 skill test in a clear way.

What Should Be The Typing Speed To Crack Test?

Tier 3 Exam which is also known as the final exam to resave their seat is not as easy as you are thinking. Most of the candidates think that after qualifying for the written exam they can easily able crack the SSC CHSL Tier 3 Exam which is not a big deal for them. But to be honest, it is a true myth.  So you do not need to think that there is no competition in the SSC CHSL Typing Test Format exam.

Below we have featured some of the typing exam instructions so that students need to read these all instructions very carefully so that they can be active and prepared for that. So let’s process now!

  • To qualify SSC 10+2 skill test, candidates must possess the prescribed skills. It is different for Hindi and English typing.
  • Those who want to reserve Government Cadre Seat need to press at least 10500 key depressions in one hour for the English language. For the Hindi language, it is 9000 per hour.
  • The minimum typing speed for Hindi typing should be 30 words per minute.
  • For the English language, a minimum of 35 keys per minute are required to be pressed, which means your speed should be 35 words per minute.
  • SSC CHSL Skill Test will be conducted for 10 minutes. You are expected to type 350 words in 10 minutes. Those who are visually handicapped then they will get 30 minutes.


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SSC CHSL Typing Speed Required

Typing Test Speed for SSC CHSL DEO = For English 35 Words, For Hindi 30 Words

SSC CHSL LDC Typing Test Speed = For English 35 Words, For Hindi 30 Words

Hindi Typing

Need to type 30 words per minute.
There should be the speed of pressing 9000 keys per hour.

English Typing

One needs to type 35 words per minute in English typing
There should be the speed of pressing 10500 keys per hour.

SSC CHSL Skill Test Procedure and its Guidelines

  • Candidates have to type the contents of the printed paper on the computer screen.
  • Just maintain the speed of 8000 key depressions in an hour on the computer i.e. you have to press 8000 key depressions in an hour.
  • This SSC CHSL 10+2 Tier 3 exam will be conducted in the English language only.
  • One printed copy will be given to the candidates in which at least 2000-2200 strokes are already printed.
  • The total time duration will be 15 minutes.
  • Visually Handicapped (VH) candidates will be given relaxation. You will be allotted 20 more minutes. Thus, they will be provided a total of 35 minutes at the same stroke and qualifying standard.
  • This exam will be of qualifying nature.
  • Physically handicapped candidates have to take this test as a pre-condition.

How to Clear SSC CHSL typing test?

  • Your spelling, punctuation, and spaces must have a minimum speed of 90% accuracy.
  • Keep in mind that the formatting needs to be accurate.
  • Timing is also important; candidates will have to type 35 words per minute in English and 30 words per minute in Hindi.
  • Need to practice at least 1 month in advance and practice on the computer daily
  • Candidates are required to type paragraphs daily which have different fonts and formats and complex formatting so that your command over your typing skills can be strengthened.
  • Complete the case in 10 minutes. At least you should type 350 words in a total of 10 minutes.

SSC CHSL Typing Cut Off 2024

In this list, we have covered the entire SSC CHSL Typing Cut-Off 2024 details inappropriate manner. So students need to keep in mind that the cut-off percentage is very impotent for this exam. Just follow the category-wise percentage from the below section.

Category Cut-off Percentage
of Mistakes in Typing Test
Candidates qualified/
exempted from Typing Test
SC 10% 2007
ST 10% 854
OBC 10% 8436
EXS 10% 358
OH 10% 343*
HH 10% 59
VH 10% 219
UR 7% 4333

How Many Mistakes Are Allowed In Typing Test?

This can be one of the important sections for all the students who are going to take the exam because most of the students are curious to know what will happen if they made a mistake during the exam and how many mistakes are allowed in the typing test. So to get everything in a clear way the user needs to follow the whole section and catch everything in a clear way.

Calculation of Error Percentage in SSC DEST/Skill Test
%Error = Total Error/Total no of Key Strokes X 100.


LDC: 10 min (35 wpm or 1750 depression)
DEO: 15 min (27 wpm or 2000 depression)


LDC: 10 min (30 wpm or 1500 depression)
There are two types of mistakes:

(i) Full Mistakes

For every omission of a word/ figure.

Every substitution of a wrong word /figure.

Every addition of a word/figure is not found in the passage.

(ii) Half Mistakes

  • Spacing errors: Where no space is given between two words, eg. ‘ehdop’ or unwanted space is provided between words or letters of a word e.g. ‘I H Away’ means I hssxxve
  • For every spelling error made by means of repetition, addition or transposition or omission or replacement of any letter/s, e.g. The word ‘spelling’ was typed as ‘exploding’ etc.
  • Incorrect capitalization: Incorrect use of capital letters for lowercase letters and vice versa. (This does not apply to Hindi Typing Scripts).

Candidates also need to keep in mind that if they made any corrections by pen or pencil then they will truly be ignored and marks will be awarded for this kind of correction.


Final Remark!

It was all about the SSC CHSL Typing Test 2024 How to Crack 10+2 Typing Speed, Skill Test that we have listed on this blog, candidates while reading this blog if find any issues or want to ask anything that rooming-in their mind then they can drop their valuable comment in below section.


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