Private Medical Colleges In Uttar Pradesh 2024 – Top 10 List

Private Medical Colleges In Uttar Pradesh 2024 – Top 10 List

There are 33 private medical colleges in UP that offer MBBS courses. To get admission, students must clear the NEET exam and counsel afterward. Respective colleges determine the fee structure of the top private medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh. The UP government has recently released the provision to cap private medical college fees to prevent students and their families from getting overcharged.

Usually, the fee ranges from INR 11 to 12 lakh yearly. It includes tuition, hostel, miscellaneous, and security fees. These colleges offer a 4.6 or 5-year MBBS course with a mandatory internship for a year. Read on to learn more about these institutions’ admission, fees, and cut-offs below.

Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in UP: Admission and Fee

Do you envision yourself as a healthcare provider in India or abroad? If so, you might wonder which private medical college is best in UP for MBBS. We have listed the top ten offering MBBS and various other medical courses.

1. Era Lucknow Medical College

Era Lucknow is situated in Sarfarazganj, Uttar Pradesh. Set up in 1997, the institute is associated with the Era University and is National Medical Commission (N.M.C.) approved. It provides an MBBS course and has 150 seats for it. To qualify, you must clear NEET UG and participate in counseling. The cut-off in 2022 was from 40th to 50th percentile. This college has a tuition fee of INR 16,82,000 per annum. It boasts facilities like O.P.D., blood bank, labs, auditorium, hostel, and Centre for Community Medicine.

2. Santosh Medical College in Ghaziabad

Santosh Medical College is among the top 5 private medical colleges in UP and is the only deemed university. It offers MBBS, B.D.S., MS, MD, and M.D.S. courses. NEET qualifiers seeking admission here should attend the counseling process for deemed universities on the website The total fee for the U.G. course is INR 12 lakh per annum, which you can pay in installments.

The college employs organ-based teaching methodology and interdisciplinary programs to help students gain complete knowledge. It also has a digital library and delivers NME-ICT programs to impart knowledge to students.

3. Subharti Medical College in Meerut

Subharti University, or medical college, offers various medical courses. It is approved by the M.N.C. and is affiliated with Swami Vivekanand Subharti University. The MBBS course is 4.6 years long with a year of mandatory internship. The college has 200 seats for this program.

Admission is according to your rank in NEET UG and counseling. Its fee is INR 16 lakhs per year. The stipend for MBBS courses is INR 17,000 monthly.

4. Muzzaffarnagar Medical College

Muzzaffarnagar Medical College is counted among the top 20 private medical colleges in UP because of its highly-qualified teaching staff. It also has world-class infrastructure. The institute is particularly renowned for its MBBS programs. It’s a 4.6-year course that comes with a year of internship and has a total of 150 seats.

Admission is solely on the NEET UG exam and the subsequent counseling process. The tuition fee is INR 12,80,037. In 2022, the NEET cut-off marks for the U.R. category were between 715 and 117; for OBC/SC and S.C., it was between 116 and 93; and for U.W.S. and P.H., it was between 116 to 105.

5. Prasad Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow

This medical institute provides 14 courses in full-time mode. It is among the top 5 private medical colleges in UP because of its famous MBBS medicine and health sciences course. The total number of seats in U.G. and P.G. courses is 168. This institute accepts NEET for admission and has Rs. 1.30 lakh total fee for MBBS per year. As of 2022, the NEET counselling cut-off for MBBS was 508441.

This college has a dedicated Centre of Excellence for various medical specialties and subspecialties. Also, it provides many internship opportunities, after which students can get jobs in various hospitals. They can also join the institute as assistant professors.

6. Teerthankar Mahaveer Medical College in Muradabad

If you are looking for private medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh with fee structure, you will come across T.M.U. It is a leading destination for MBBS and various postgraduate medical courses. The college is MCI-approved and was set up in 2008 with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Currently, the fee structure of MBBS costs INR 16.3 lakhs yearly.

There are 150 seats for MBBS, and the admission is according to your NEET score. The pharmacology department has well-equipped lecture theatres, demonstration rooms, and computerized animal experimental exercises. The college also conducts workshops and conferences on current issues regularly.

7. School of Medical Sciences and Research in Greater Noida

SMSR is a medical school of Sharda University, having an intake of 250 students. This college is not only MCI-approved but also has the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Your 10+2 marks and score in NEET determine your admission to this college. The yearly fee for MBBS is INR 12.69 lakhs.

SMSR is one of the top private medical colleges in UP because of its unique student-centric pedagogy and high relevance to the current medical world. SMSR aims to tie up various national and international institutes and government agencies to boost collaboration and research partnerships.

8. Rohilkhand Medical College in Bareilly

This renowned medical institution offers 20 full-time courses. The institute has trained and experienced faculty and is famous for its MBBS, MS, and M.D. courses. The NMC-approved college has 364 seats in U.G. and P.G. medical courses. Admission is based on the NEET UG and P.G. scores, after which eligible students must undergo counseling.

The U.G. tuition fee is INR 13,00,251, and for P.G. courses, it is INR 23,09,009 yearly. In 2022, the NEET cut-off for U.G. courses was the 50th percentile for the unreserved category. It was in the 40th percentile for OBC/SC and S.T.

9. Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences in Barabanki

Mayo Institute in Barabanki is MCI-approved and is among the top private medical colleges in UP. In 2022, the opening all-India NEET cut-off for MBBS was 86978, and the closing rank was 332717. The college has an INR 14.37 lakh first-year fee for the MBBS course and INR 16.2 lakh for the first-year M.S. course.

It is particularly known for its cutting-edge infrastructure with a 736-bed hospital. The institute offers students a chance to pursue interdisciplinary and collaborative education. They can also undertake independent study projects in nursing.

10. Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences in Bareilly

Affiliated with the M.J.P. Rohilkhand University and approved by N.M.C., SRMS Bareilly is a top private medical institute. It was set up in 2022 and is run by the Shri Ram Murti Smarak Trust. For MBBS, the college has 150 vacant seats. This course is 5.5 years long and includes a year of internship. The NEET UG cut-off in 2021 was 95,262; in 2022, it was 125934.

For MBBS, the tuition fee is 13,73,740 yearly. This excludes the hostel, miscellaneous, and refundable security fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the fee for pursuing an MBBS in a private college in Uttar Pradesh?

The fees for different private MBBS colleges in UP differ significantly. But most top colleges have fees ranging from INR 10 lakh to INR 13 lakh yearly. Colleges like Sri Rammurti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences, Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, School of Medical Sciences in Greater Noida, and Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital come on this list.

  1. What minimum marks are needed in NEET for MBBS in a private college in UP?

General category students need a 50% or 715 – 117 cut-off score in NEET. If you are in the SC/ST/OBC category, you need a 40% or 116 – 93 cut-off score. Physically handicapped candidates require at least 45% or 116 – 105 cut-off score.

  1. Can I get admission to KGMU with 600 marks in NEET?

You can get into MBBS with 600 marks in NEET in KGMU. The closing rank for the first round of MBBS cut-off in 2022 was 1097 for general category students.

  1. What is the state quote in private medical institutes in UP?

The total MBBS seats for management quota in private medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh is 4700. There are 15% All India Quota seats in these colleges. The minority private medical colleges in UP have 50% of seats reserved for minority students.

Concluding Words

Now, you can navigate through private medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh easily. To enroll in a top college, it is crucial to score well in NEET. So, keep yourself updated about the respective colleges’ NEET cut-offs. You can learn more about the college staff and fee structure from the main website of a particular institute.

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