Best Intermediate Colleges In Hyderabad – Junior College Tip

Best Intermediate Colleges In Hyderabad – Junior College Tip

Hyderabad is the center of cultural heritage. There are various institutions for education. In Hyderabad, you are exploring intermediate colleges. The city presents different alternatives to students. They can go for higher secondary learning. The colleges have a major role in changing the personal development of students. It changes the academic development of the students. It offers an amazing foundation for efforts in the future.


Top 10 Intermediate Colleges In Hyderabad

There are top intermediate institutions in India. It is in Hyderabad. They have modern facilities, qualified professors, and excellent educational standards. There are Intermediate of Arts (IA) and Intermediate of Science (I.Sc). We have Intermediate of Commerce (I.Com). These are only a few of the intermediate courses offered by these universities. They provide services to a wide spectrum of pupils. It assists them in discovering their passions and opening doors to prosperous professions. You can get valuable information on the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad.


1.   Little Flower Junior College

The Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel are a global Catholic religious order. It is Little Flower Junior College, a minority-serving college. In July 1982, the College moved to its present location at Uppal. It is on Tarnaka – Uppal Road. It was set up in 1974 as a division of Little Flower High School, Abids, Hyderabad.



All applicants for admission will attend an interview with their parents. Each applicant for admission to STDs I through VII will take an entrance test. According to the exam results, there will be admission.



A proactive and organized placement mechanism is in place. But students contact businesses on their own. powerful alumni network that aids in job possibilities.


2.  Gyanville Academy

The best intercollegiate institution in Hyderabad provides IIT, CLAT, and IAS Foundation. There is IPM coaching at Gyanville Academy, which also offers MPC and MEC courses. Gyanville is an institute in Hyderabad. It trains students for the IITJEE and CLAT exams as well as the IAS Foundation.



The students who pass the screening exam. It must pay the admissions cost of 10,000. It is a non-refundable, one-time fee. It confirms their enrollment with Gyanville Academy.



All qualified students receive placement aid from Gyanville Academy – GA. Placement is a benefit provided to the students; it is not a legal entitlement.


3.  Sri Amogha Junior College

The most demanding phase is in a student’s academic career. It is an exciting time of promise and change for Sri Amogha Junior College (SAJC). We are aware that we are collaborating with future leaders at Sri Amogha. The students are quite intelligent. They are capable individuals. They need the freedom and support to manage their careers.



You need to apply to our university. Please complete the following fields. The academic counsellors is going to talk to you. The students should finish the inquiry form.



The staff here is competent, encouraging, pleasant, and supportive. This college offers a unique method for preparing pupils for their phenomenal progress. The colleges support the students. They pique their curiosity. The greatest venue to further your professional development is Sri Amogha College. If you want to know more about the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad, check this blog.


4.  Sri Medhavi Junior College

Hyderabad’s Sri Medhavi Junior College is a well-known educational institution. It is a steadfast hub for the Science/Arts stream.

This is a well-known college in the region. The college offers a variety of programs including MEC, CEC, and MPC. They are Day Scholars and Hostel. There are expert instructors in each group.



Please follow these instructions. We need to learn more about admission to Sri Medhav Junior College in Hyderabad. Visit the company’s website. If there is one, start by going to Sri Medhav Junior College’s official website. The student can get in touch with the college. You can try contacting the college. The website is missing the necessary information. Visit the college in person. If you live in Hyderabad, you can think about stopping by the institution’s campus.



Popular businesses came to our college to hire students. Most of the students from our batch got hired by Infosys and Genpact. The average compensation package for a student is roughly 4.5 LPA, with 1.5 LPA being the lowest salary package.


5.  FIITJEE Junior College

Mr. D. K. Goel is an IIT Delhi graduate in mechanical engineering. It is the idea which is in work to establish FIITJEE in 1992. We started out as a very small IIT-JEE forum. The goal involves giving serious JEE students the best possible starting point. We did more than IIT-JEE tutoring on the path to realizing this ambition. We made a change in a particular way.



There is a procedure for assessment of the Admission Test for the FIITJEE. It is the same as competitive exams. The percentile approach of selection is for both programs. They are offering the scholarship. It is on the question paper, level of difficulty, and performance provided on a certain test day.



Send your CV to the application. This is for business track positions. You can for entrepreneurial track positions. Candidates applying for the Business or Entrepreneurial Track. It must include the post applied for. There is a requested joining date. It follows the grid above in email subject line. It is important to submit their application by the respective deadline. Every application is in real-time, and the procedure starts.


6.  Gatik Junior College

In the center of the city, there is an unrivaled educational facility. It is Gatik Junior College Hyderabad. Gatik Junior College Hyderabad has more than 20 years of experience. It is in the field of education. The goal is to provide young students. They offer world-class education and promote a culture of original thought and invention. Gatik offers counseling sessions. They offer aptitude testing to help students develop a distinctive way of thinking.



The student can contact the college via phone, email, or by visiting their campus in Hyderabad.



The students get jobs at SRM University AP, Vignana Bharati, and IIM Indore. It includes Arizona State University and Cal State East Bay. The students get jobs at Concordia University of Edmonton and Flame University. They get employment at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. You can explore the valuable facts of the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad.


7.  St. Mary’s Junior College

Mr. B Arogya Reddy is the founder of the Saint Mary’s Educational Society, which was set up in 1981. There is a high-quality education. It is accessible across a range of age groups. The Saint Mary’s Educational Society has expanded its wings. It has been across the State of Telangana for more than three decades.



Pre-Application Form is where Mary’s Junior College applications start. Eligibility is Matriculation or 10th certificate. The TSBIE, Telangana recognizes it. It can be from CBSE, ICSE, or TSBIE.



Approximately 70% of pupils got placement in our institution. One LPA is the largest compensation package available. The monthly wage that is lowest on the list is Rs. 20,000.


8.  Nalanda Junior College

A junior college is a post-secondary educational institution. It offers vocational training to prepare students for skilled trades and technical occupations. There are support roles in professions like engineering, accountancy, and business administration. It is also referred to as a juco, JuCo, or JC.



Students submit applications for admission to the Intermediate I and II years. It is in MPC, BiPC, MEC, and CEC for the academic year 2020–21.



The average package is roughly 6 LPA, with the top package being over 10 LPA. In the finest firms, our training resulted in internships for almost 70% of the students.


9.  Narayana Junior College

This is a top powerhouse in Asia for intranational and worldwide competitive courses. It is Narayana Junior College. We prepare the students to achieve their objectives. The goal is to get the respect of peers at the highest levels in all areas throughout the world. The academic staff members are pillars. They may mentor and point pupils in the correct way like a lighthouse.



The applicant for admission to Narayana Junior College must complete the online application. Information including the academic year, state, district, branch, and name. It also includes the name of the parent, email, course name, and cellphone number. The student provides this information. The learner may also contact or go to the facility in Hyderabad.



This is a junior college and it is an intermediate college. It is not good to expect any kind of placement.


10.  Roots Junior College

Roots Junior College is a knowledge fortress. It aids you in building a solid foundation for the vocation of your choosing. Other than academics, Roots emphasizes the student’s holistic development.



The application process for ROOTS Collegium is straightforward and simple to understand. Every year, the institute accepts more than 500 students from several courses. In the academic year, a separate admission cell handles everything. It involves distributing admission forms to onboarding new students. You can get in touch with the ROOTS Collegium admission cell. They get inquiries or concerns. It involves the application process, and there will be a resolution.



The CRG has assisted students in landing jobs with organizations. It is like Deloitte, Amazon, Uber, HSBC, Karvy, etc.


In the end

The finest intermediate schools in Hyderabad might be difficult to assess. They depend on so many different things. It includes student preferences, academic objectives, and geography. I can provide you list of several renowned intermediate institutions in Hyderabad. It is for the caliber of the instruction and facilities. Get in touch with us!



Qs 1: Which Hyderabad institutions provide the finest MPC intermediate programs?

There are Narayana College, Sri Chaitanya College, and MS College. They are the top intermediate MPC colleges in Hyderabad. Students in the three institutions receive a customized study schedule. This is for extra coaching and studying.

Qs 2: Which intermediate percentage is the best?

Most of the Indian educational institutions accept applicants. It is an intermediate GPA of at least 60%. Even yet, several courses have requirements of greater than 45%. Regardless of the course, you choose an intermediate score of 95%. It is not required to enroll in the majority of Indian universities.

Qs 3: What is the Telangana first-year intermediate pass rate?

The TS Inter 1st year exam’s pass rate in 2023 is 61.68 percent. It is the TS Inter 2nd year total pass rate in the exam is 63.49 percent.

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