Top 3 Interior Designing Colleges in India: Complete Guide

Top 3 Interior Designing Colleges in India: Complete Guide

The top 3 interior designing colleges in India are the Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi, CEPT University (the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology), Ahmedabad, and PEARL Academy (Mumbai). 

Some of the requirements to get admission to any of the best interior design colleges in India are passing 10+2 or equivalent education from a recognized board or university with at least 50% marks in your 10+2 or equivalent education, facing an interview to let the assessor evaluate your creativity, problem-solving skills, and the like. 

Reading this much is not enough unless you read the whole blog to get a clear idea of the eligibility criteria, course fees, duration, and the like. 

However, before you learn about the colleges in detail, let’s have a look at the requirements first. 


Eligibility Criteria for the Interior Designing Course 

If you want to pursue an interior designing course in India, you must satisfy its eligibility criteria. Most colleges have similar requirements. However, in some colleges, students need to fulfill some additional requirements.

Now, let’s move ahead to learn the eligibility criteria to gain admission to an interior designing college in India. 

  • Educational Requirements 

You must have completed your 10+2 or equivalent education from a recognized board or university. 

  • Required Marks 

You must obtain at least 50% marks in your 10+2 or equivalent education. However, there may be changes in the required marks in some colleges. 

  • Entrance Exams 

Some of the best colleges for interior design in India require students to pass an entrance exam to prove their eligibility. After that, these colleges shortlist eligible students for admission. Some of the most famous entrance exams for interior designing courses are NID DAT, NIFT, CEED, and UCEED. 

  • Portfolio 

You must submit your portfolio, comprising your artwork, sketches, and designs. 

  • Interview 

Some colleges conduct personal interviews to assess the capability of a student. They do so to evaluate their creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. 

To be kept in mind: The eligibility criteria are subject to change from one college to another. Therefore, you must check the eligibility criteria of your selected college. 


Top 3 Interior Designing Colleges in India 2024  

The following are the top 3 interior designing colleges in India with fees: 


1. Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi

Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi

This college is located in Delhi, and it’s a renowned name in design education in India. It partners with Kingston School of Art (KSA), Kingston University, London. 

This collaboration can allow you to have international exposure and networking opportunities. Its teaching faculty leaves no stone unturned in making sure that students get a holistic education. 

Course duration: 4 years 

Fees: 21 lakhs INR

Eligibility and Admission Process: 

IIAD’s interior design program requires:

  • Class 12 Pass (any stream) with at least 50% marks.
  • IDAT (IIAD Design Aptitude Test).
  • Portfolio Review and Interview (for shortlisted applicants).

IIAD goes beyond the involvement of classroom learning, paying more attention to networking and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

This program has a foundational year to help students move from the school level to the university level. 

The curriculum includes practical skills, design theory, and industry exposure. It allows students to gain technical knowledge, conduct market research, use digital tools, and interact with interior spaces. 

The syllabus also has projects like Exhibition Design and Retail Design. So, if you want a successful career, you need an internship with a design company. Apart from that, you need a final self-driven approach project, which will take your creativity and ability to the next level. Students at IIAD get a global view of design, which helps them find high-paying jobs in foreign countries as well. 


2. CEPT University, Ahmedabad 

CEPT University, Ahmedabad

CEPT University (the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology) has established itself as the finest example of excellence in the field of architecture and design education. 

The Faculty of Design provides students with a comprehensive 5-year program in Interior Design. Thus, you can earn a Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) degree. 

The curriculum is so well designed that it will enable you to add more creative juice to your creativity. It focuses on skill enhancement, knowledge acquisition, rational reasoning, and critical thinking. 

This program will give you a crystal-clear idea of human habitation by allowing you to absorb yourself in various contexts. 

You will immerse yourself through various mediums like field trips, realistic class experiences, firsthand experiences, and study real-life examples faced at different phases in the journey of your education. 

Fees: 16 lakhs INR

Duration:   5 years

Eligibility Criteria: 

You need a diploma in Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Product Design, (all minimum 12 + 4 years), providing that the program is regarded as equivalent to a degree program by the Equivalence Committee of CEPT University. 

Note: At least 50% aggregate marks.

CEPT’s Interior Design program is famous all over the world. It has produced countless successful designers, researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs in India and the world. In short, it’s one of the best colleges for interior designing in the world. 


3. PEARL Academy 

PEARL Academy

Pearl Academy is a highly famous design institution in India. Its presence is widespread all over the country. Its best campus is the Mumbai branch. This branch is producing aspiring designers continuously, and it boosts their creativity and skill development in leaps and bounds. 

The college’s Interior Design and Technology Course lasts for four years. This course will fill your mind with design expertise. let’s understand this clearly with the steps. 

In the first year of this course: 

You will get a foundation and cultural context. 

In the second year: 

This course will familiarize you with fundamentals and practical skills. 

In the third year: 

It will help you get into specialization and real-world projects, and become familiar with advanced digital tools. 

In the fourth year:  

You will learn about problem-solving, business skills, and portfolio development. This program will allow you to gain a skill set and practical experience. 

Thus, nothing will be able to stop you from building a successful career in interior design. 

Course duration: 4 years 

Fees: Nearly 30 lakhs INR 

Eligibility criteria for B. Des. in Interior Architectural Design: Candidates must have passed 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board.

Admission process: 

  • Register and Apply

Go to” for registration and application. 

  • Personal Interview

If you are shortlisted, you will be called for a personal interview based on marks/scores attained in DAT and GPT. Online personal interviews via Skype/video conferencing for international/overseas candidates are done. Portfolio Evaluation may also be conducted if necessary.

  • Final Selection

Selection is done on the basis of  DAT, GPT scores / NATA scores, and performance in the personal interview. International candidates are selected based on: 

  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Portfolio Evaluation 
  • Personal Interview


The best thing about Pearl Academy is that it provides helpful internship opportunities with well-established firms. Thus, you will be able to gain real-world experience and a priceless resource to guide your career and build professional connections. 


Top Government Colleges for Interior Designing in India 

The following are the 3 top 3 interior designing colleges (government): 

  • Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University, Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
  • School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi

Let’s conclude All 

Having learned about the top 3 interior designing colleges in India, you’d better gear up by being clear about your expectations, convenience, budget, interest, potential, and the like. 

Thereafter, it will be much easier for you to choose the best college among the top 3 Interior Designing Colleges in India to do an interior designing course. 



Which is the No 1 interior design college in India?

Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi is the top interior designing college in India. The college partners with Kingston School of Art (KSA), Kingston University, London. 


Which city is best for interior design in India?

Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India, is the best city for interior design. That’s why everybody looks for the opportunity to gain admission to PEARL Academy, Mumbai. 


Which city is best for interior design jobs in India?

Cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, and the like are best for career opportunities as an interior designer in India. 


Which stream is best for interior design?

It doesn’t matter from which stream like Arts, Commerce, or Science you took after 10th. The main thing is you must creative enough for the interior design course you want to pursue. Aside from that, you must pass your 10+2, the required entrance exam, and the interview, if necessary. 


Which company pays the highest salary for an interior designer?

The following are the top three companies with the packages they offer to interior designers: 

  • Concept Consilio Interior Designer Salary: 6.4 Lakhs INR annually.
  • Symmetrics Interior Designer Salary: 6.4 Lakhs INR annually.
  • Apartment 9 Interior Designer Salary: 6.5 Lakhs INR annually.

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