Top Law Colleges in Bangalore List 2023 [Admission & Ranking]

The law gives justice strength; it is one of the pillars on which the entire country stands and progresses toward a better tomorrow. Development always comes with a certain amount of resistance, and to manage such resistance and make push toward a better future, we need better law graduates for the smooth functioning of courts. As a result, our experts have compiled a list of the Top Law Colleges in Bangalore 2023.

Meanwhile, the part-time law college in Bangalore, as well as private law colleges in the city, will provide you with everything you require. Fee details with all sets of requirements are provided in this blog. To have a clear understanding of the top law college in Bangalore, you must go through all of the details and materials provided here.


Particulars Stats
No. of collages:40+ with 5 government colleges for LLB.
Admission process:
  • Graduation with 50% marks for 3 years of LLB courses.
  • Class 12th with 50% with entrance exam for 5 years (BA +LLB and other) of courses.
Fees:10,000-4lacks as per the courses.
  • BA LLB;
  • BBA LLB;
  • BSc LLB;
  • LLM;
  • Phd In Law.
Entrance exams:
  • CLAT
  • LSAT
  • SLAT
  • DU Law

 List of law colleges in Bangalore 2023  

Private law colleges in Bangalore as well as government law colleges in Bangalore are well summarized in this list with the relevant details;

#1. NLSIU BangaloreCLAT
#2. Christ university BangaloreCUET Law
#3. School Of Law
#4. Azim Premji University
#5. Ifim law collageCLAT, LSAT India
#6. Alliance school of lawCLAT, LSAT
#7. Kle society’s law collageACLAT
#8. Presidency UniversityLSAT, LSAT India PG
#9. CMR University Of Legal StudiesCLAT, LSAT India
#10. PES University—-

#1. NLSIU Bangalore

NLSIU is one of the top colleges in Bangalore and provides ample opportunities for law graduates. The college offers the best legal education to well-mannered students. As a result, that student has a solid understanding of how to approach and handle real-life situations. Meanwhile, the college is ranked one among all other law institutes in the country. They also charge high fees, ranging from 1.5 to 14 lakhs depending on the courses you select. High school pass-outs and graduates need to appear for the CLAT exam to get admission to college. For more recent updates and information, visit the college’s official website at www.nls.ac.in

#2 Christ University Bangalore

Christ University Bangalore provides one of the best educations in the country, ranking 20th among all colleges in the country, and it also charges a significant fee, ranging between 60K and 10K depending on the course you choose. Students need to clear the CLAT law entrance exam to get a seat in this college. Meanwhile, the college is equipped with all kinds of requirements and amenities that are mostly required by law colleges. A world-class faculty is made available to students, and students of law have unlimited time to solve their doubts and problems.

#3. School of Law, Christ University

The School of Law under Christ University offers one of the best quality educations in the field of law. The college offers one of the best faculties in terms of infrastructure and placement for college students. After high school, graduates must take the infamous CLAT exam to gain admission to college. The college offers full-time LLB courses for three years and integrated BA-LLB courses for five years. The yearly course fees range from 9,500 to 10,000 depending on the courses you choose here. For further details, visit the college’s official website at www.bangalorelawcollege.in/.

#4. Azim Premji University, Bangalore

Azim Premji University, located in the city of Bangalore, provides one of the best legal educations to general students. The college is well maintained with all sorts of requirements to provide a better environment for law graduates. All courses are provided for a fee of 90,000 and include all types of legal assessments. Students must pass various entrance exams, such as the CLAT, and have a high-grade point average in their graduation to be admitted. For more recent updates and news, do visit the official website provided by the college: https://azimpremjiuniversity.edu.in/.

#5. IFIM Law Collage

In 1995, the Dalal Street Journal established the IFIM Law College to provide all law-related courses. Meanwhile, the college offers one of the best education services to its students through one of the best faculties in the city. Well-maintained infrastructure and strong academics provided the college with a list of the top law schools in the city. The college must review and accept admission based on the CLAT score and the marks earned in college during graduation. For more recent updates and information related to the college, make sure to visit the official website of the college at https://www.ifimlawcollege.com/.

#6. Alliance School of Law, Bangalore

ASL College offers a variety of law-related courses, such as BA LLB, and BSc. LLB, and Ph.D. in law. The college is approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI), New Delhi. Although the colleges are loaded with all kinds of requirements needed for LLB courses, the college also takes a fee ranging from 1 to 10 levies, depending on the course requirement. For admission, students need to go through CLAT, LSAT, and the Alliance Common Law Admission Test (ACLAT). And for further details on the colleges, you need to go through the following official website: www.law.alliance.edu.in/.

#7. Kle society’s law collage

KLELC is one of the best law placement and education-providing colleges in the city. The college offers 3 years of LLB as well as 5 years of integrated LLB for college students. All of these courses are available at the college for a fee ranging from 5ok to 4 lacks depending on the course. Students must pass the Law School Admission Test with a minimum score in order to be admitted to college. Visit www.klelawcollege.org/ for more information.

#8. Presidency University

Presidency College’s School of Law in Bangalore offers the best education course available in a college. Other types of courses are also provided to the student in the same college, like law, commerce, and engineering-related courses. Meanwhile, the college charges fees ranging from 80K to 5L for all course sets. More on it: Those students also need to go through entrance exams like CLAT and pass their graduation with a good percentage to get admission easily.

For further information and related stuff, visit the college’s official website at https://presidencyuniversity.in/.

#9. CMR University of Legal Studies

The CMR University of Legal Studies, located in Bangalore, provides one of the best facilities and courses for law students. The college is highly regarded by all other legal institutions for the growth and development of its students. They provide a wide range of law courses, from LLB to LLM, as well as another research-based course, with fees ranging from 1.5 to 7.5 lacs.

For more information on the course and other short details, make sure to visit the college’s official website at https://ls.cmr.ac.in/.

#10. PES University

PES University in Bangalore provides one of the best courses related to all streams of science and humanities. Law-related courses are offered in a much more affordable way to provide for regular, quality assessments of college students. Its courses are available for very low fees ranging from $3,500 to $8,500 depending on the courses chosen. Meanwhile, the college is severely lacking in the requirements necessary for students’ development in their field of study. For further details, visit the college’s official website at https://pes.edu/.

Law Colleges In Bangalore With Fee Structure 2023

From here you also get the idea about Low fees for law colleges in Bangalore.

Collage Fees
#1. NLSIU BangaloreRs. 1.90 – 13.10 lakhs
#2. Christ university Bangalore Rs. 60K – 9 lakhs
#3. School Of LawRs. 60K – 9 lakhs
#4. Azim Premji University Rs. 90K
#5. IFIM law collage Rs. 4.50 – 7.50 lakhs
#6. Alliance school of law Rs. 1 – 10 lakhs
#7. Kle society’s law collage
#8. Presidency University Rs. 75K – 4.50Lakhs
#9. CMR University Of Legal Studies Rs. 1.26 – 7.51lakhs
#10. PES UniversityRs. 25K – 7 lakhs

Ranking Table

CollageRanking(among law collages)
#1. NLSIU Bangalore1
#2. Christ university Bangalore20
#3. School Of Law5th in Law
#4. Azim Premji University6th in Lack
#5. Ifim law collage15th in Law
#6. Alliance school of law16th in Law
#7. Kle society’s law collage19th in Law
#8. Presidency University20th in Law
#9. CMR University Of Legal Studies20th in Law
#10. PES University

Summing Up!

All the details are now provided in this blog with complete details. You need to go through all the relevant details with complete information provided in this blog to deal with all the set of the admission processes.


Which college is best in Bangalore for law?

NLSIU Bangalore and the School Of Law, Christ University are the two top colleges in Bangalore city.

What are the fees for LLB in Bangalore?

60,000 to 4 lack fees required annually by the college in Bangalore.

Which college has the lowest fees for LLB in Bangalore?

NLSIU Bangalore is the best college with low fees.

Which college is best for 3 years LLB in Bangalore?

NLSIU Bangalore or the school of law, Christ University is the best college in LLB in Bangalore.

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