CBSE Class 12th Deleted Syllabus 2024: [ERASED Topics!]

CBSE Class 12th Deleted Syllabus 2024: [ERASED Topics!]

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) periodically reviews and updates its curriculum to align with contemporary educational needs and standards. In the wake of global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, CBSE made modifications to the Class 12 syllabus, involving the deletion of certain portions. This comprehensive guide aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the CBSE Class 12th deleted syllabus, exploring the reasons behind these changes and their implications for students.

Overview of Deleted Syllabus:

  1. Mathematics:

CBSE has done a mandatory change in the class 12th math syllabus. This change is in the form of reduction of the syllabus. The removed chapters of class 12th include the following ones: Calculus and Algebra.

  1. Physics:

The changes in the physics subject for class 12 has been seen to boost the understanding of basic conceptual of the content. It is meant to focus on the use of SI units, quantities and formulations used as international standards, and so on. The purpose of syllabus reduction is to promote process-skills, problem-solving abilities, and the knowledge of concepts.

  1. Chemistry:

The goal of reducing the chemistry syllabus for class 12 is to give students a choice of focusing on other areas of the crucial subjects. The topics like organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry may be seen changed to some extent.

  1. Biology:

A certain topics were excluded from the Biology syllabus class 12th. These changes were done keeping the necessity in mind. The student should become familiar with the fundamentals of biology, which is useful for building a strong career out of it. Topics like Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution, and many were kept as it is as they keep the importance.

  1. Economics:

Since economics is related to each life, having the updated information about it is the need of today. Keeping the changes economics is witnessing, CBSE has taken a step ahead to remove unwanted topics, which is good for students to know where to focus on for better growth and understanding. However, the core economic principles will be there to help student understand the basics of Economics.

  1. Political Science:

The change in social science subject is also significant. With the changing our political environment, the need of relevant topics, chapters will help students focus on good part. Keeping the relevance of political science in mind, the board has taken appropriate decision to reduce the syllabus and keeping the necessary chapters as it is.

  1. History:

From chapters like Cold War era to Social movements, the history syllabus is also a part of syllabus reduction. By seeing the irrelevancy of these chapters, it was necessary to remove them. This will not only give time to focus on other subjects, but also will help score good grades by reading the updated syllabus of history for class 12th.

  1. Geography:

The geography subject is no more exempted from syllabus reduction. Students will not see some chapters like urbanization and regional planning for their latest curriculum 2024.

  1. English Core:

You will see a reduction of English syllabus 2024 by some topics. It includes prose and poetry section. The reason it is removed is that the focus on language skills will be built. This means, now the learning aspect of English language will be in focus for 2024 English Curriculum.

Important Note: No questions will be asked from the deleted syllabus in the CBSE Class 12 board exams in 2024.


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an Indian national-level education board for private and public schools, regulated by the Indian Union Government. It was founded in 1962 and aims to reform the education system of India by maintaining a standard platform for the students of India and provides

  • Holistic Development of the Child.
  • Experimental view i.e. practical aspect.
  • Digital enhancement and Personalized Learning.

Nevertheless, the CBSE Board published its latest curriculum for class 12 at the beginning of this academic year and has received a massive change for the session 2024. During the pandemic as per the National Education Policy 2020, NCERT’s new syllabus 2024 will be according to the NCERT’s new edition.

CBSE initiates constant updates to the curriculum for the schools to follow as this will help to keep the education standards at par. This is the most prominent and permanent change in the NCERT syllabus which helps the student in many ways.

Deleted Chapters From The CBSE Class 12 Syllabus For 2024

Here are some deleted chapters from the CBSE Class 12 syllabus for 2023-24:

  • Physics
    • Chapter 1: Electric charges and fields
    • Chapter 3: Current electricity
    • Chapter 4: Moving charges and magnetism
    • Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter
    • Chapter 7: Alternating current
    • Chapter 8: Electromagnetic waves
    • Chapter 9: Ray optics and optical instruments
  • English
    • Chapter 2 from Flamingo
    • Chapters 5 and 7 from Vistas
    • Topics like note-making, advertisements, and posters
  • Chemistry
    • Unit V: General principles and processes of isolation of elements
    • Unit VI: p-Block elements
    • Unit XIV: Polymers
    • Unit XII: Organic compounds containing nitrogen

The Deleted portions were removed to: 

  • Streamline the curriculum
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • Reassess difficulty levels
  • Promote self-learning


As CBSE has changed the Class 12th syllabus for the session 2024, it is rapidly modifying the course contents and syllabus for the different streams and subjects of Class 12.


  • CBSE Class 12 Syllabus has been reduced by 30% from the previous year.
  • They have decided to increase the number of MCQs and reduce the descriptive answer type questions.
  • The syllabus contains all the academic content, learning outcomes pedagogy, and assessment guidelines.
  • CBSE Subject Class 12 includes the contents along the rationale, course structure, question paper design, list of the prescribed textbooks and resources, and practical and project-related details.

Stream– Wise Changes: CBSE Class 12th

CBSE has brought a major change in the academic session of 2024, for the different streams of class 12th.

It includes the Science, Commerce, and Arts stream, which includes different subjects.

  • For MEDICAL- Non-Medical stream– Biology/Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, and an additional subject.
  • FOR COMMERCE STREAM– English, Maths/ Economics, Accountancy, Business studies and an additional subject.
  • FOR ARTS STUDENTS – English, Hindi, History, Geography, and an additional subject.

Subject – Wise Syllabus Changes: Class 12th

Below is in detail about the change/removal of syllabus in all the subjects of class 12th:

  1. MODIFICATION IN ENGLISH – CBSE has reduced topics from all the sections like Reading, Writing, and Literature i.e. note-making, advertisement, posters, and chapters from FLAMINGO and VISTAS are also removed completely from CBSE English SYLLABUS 2024.
  2. MODIFICATION IN PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, AND BIOLOGY – IN PHYSICS some topics have been deleted from the chapters –Electric Charges and Fields, Current Electricity, Magnetism and Matter, Alternating Current, Wave Options, etc.
  3. IN CHEMISTRY- Chapters like Solid state, p block elements, surface chemistry, general principles and processes of isolation of elements, polymers, etc.
  4. IN BIOLOGY – Chapters like Reproduction in organisms, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production and Environmental issues, etc.
  5. IN MATHEMATICS- Topics like Trigonometry ratios of complementary angles, Problems with the central angle of 120 degrees, Frustum of a cone, etc.
  6. IN ACCOUNTANCY – Chapters like Accounting for Not-for-profit Organisations, Database Management System for Accounting, etc.
  7. IN BUSINESS STUDIES – Topics like Functions and types of Financial Markets, Instruments of Money market, methods of Floatation in the primary market, etc.
  8. IN ECONOMICS – Topics like Government Budget and the Economy, the balance of Payments, and current Challenges facing the Indian Economy, etc.
  9. IN HISTORY –Topics from the beginning of the time, the central Islamic lands, the Confrontation of cultures, and the Industrial Revolution.
  10. IN GEOGRAPHY – Chapters like Population Composition, Human Settlement, Manufacturing Industries and Migration, types and consequences, etc.
  11. IN HINDI – In KAVYA KHAND, part 2 is removed and in GADYA KHAND, the chapter of CHARLIE CHAPLIN is removed.

Reasons To Change The Syllabus

CBSE is rapidly updating and modifying its syllabus content to keep in touch with the changing world and its latest developments to ensure that the students are going through the most recent and updated syllabus by the board and they are only reading what is supposed to be evaluated in the upcoming examination. The upgraded version is helpful to the students in many ways.

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Benefits Of Changing The Syllabus

  1. The deleted portion contains the topic, which was more rigid and complex.
  2. By deleting some of the less essential topics, the deleted syllabus can help students focus on the core concepts as students would have more time to explore their interests and develop their own learning style
  3. The curriculum, after deleting the syllabus has become more manageable for students who are struggling academically.
  4. With less material to cover, Students will feel less stressed and more focused on the particular mentioned syllabus.
  5. The modification in the syllabus is helpful to teachers as well as they can spend more time on each topic helping students to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.
  6. To foster all-around physical, intellectual, and social development in students.

Frequently Asked Question

Is syllabus reduced for class 12 2024?

Yes, the Central Board of Secondary Education has recently released an update in which the CBSE Class 12 syllabus is reduced by 30% for Class 12. To check the updated syllabus, you can read this article or visit the official website.

How much syllabus is reduced for class 12 2023 2024?

The CBSE Class 12 Syllabus for 2023–2024 is 30% reduced than it was last year. In light of the new syllabus, CBSE has updated the test pattern for class 12.

Has CBSE released 2024 syllabus?

Yes, CBSE has released a revised syllabus for class 12th. The CBSE 10th syllabus 2024 was made available on the board’s official website. By following these steps, students can get the syllabus from the CBSE website: Visit the CBSE Academic website officially. Select the “Curriculum” tab by navigating to it.

Which chapters are deleted in chemistry class 12 2023 to 2024?

The chapters solid state, p block elements, surface chemistry, general principles and processes of isolation of elements, polymers, and chemistry in everyday life have been deleted from the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus 2023-24.

New Updated Syllabus For Class 12th 2024-25

New Syllabus For Accountancy:

New Updated Syllabus for Class-XII (2023-24)  (Accountancy)

Part Unit Description Periods Marks
A: Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies 1. Accounting for Partnership Firms Features of Partnership, Partnership Deed, Provisions of the Indian Partnership Act 1932 105 36
2. Accounting for Companies Formation of a Company, Issue of Shares, Debentures 45 24
B: Financial Statement Analysis 3. Analysis of Financial Statements Ratio Analysis 30 12
4. Cash Flow Statement Preparation of Cash Flow Statement 20 8
C: Project or Computerized Accounting Project Work (Optional) Project File and Viva Voce 20
Computerized Accounting (Optional) Introduction to Computerized Accounting 50 20
Practical Work (Optional) Practical File and Viva Voce 20


The CBSE Class 12th Deleted Syllabus is implemented so it helps prepare students for higher education and future careers. This step is indeed a rationale step for the students as it will help students to foster their productivity and prepare them for the hardest and most difficult creation to come. Both teachers and students must comprehend the syllabus in order to know where to start with their separate tasks at the start of the new session.

You can check out information on class 10 deleted syllabus as well.

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