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In this growing world of information technology, management plays an important role in managing all this tech. related and business-related things. Managing all the required things in an efficient and meaningful way is the most important thing in this waste-growing world. Providing all the required thing in an efficient and well-structured manner and how it is done and achieved is what concern Management. And here in Bangalore, the hub of all IT-related work like study, production, and managing all these things dually concerned with MBA. As the one with a management degree will advance knowledge

Eligibility Criteria for MBA 2023

Before applying for MBA courses in top colleges in Bangalore, make sure you have checked the eligibility criteria so that you do not have to face any regret later. Meeting all the eligibility criteria for admission to MBA courses is a must. Else Otherwise, you may not be able to pursue this course furthermore. To get enrolled in any management courses, candidates must have a graduation degree from government-recognized colleges that are affiliated with any university. And in graduation, they should have at least 50% passing marks on an average basis. If you have a dream to get admission to any renowned MBA College in Bangalore then, you must possess a good academic background. Moreover, many colleges have their own set of eligibility criteria that you may read by visiting their official sites for sure. You will also have to score a good percentile in MBA entrance (all sets of exams are mentioned below) exams so that you do not have to face a struggle in finding the top college by yourself. There are a lot of entrance exams for MBA aspirants based on their desired college and courses in state-run or government or privately funded institutes.  CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, and NMAT by GMAC IBSAT are countries most popular entrance exams for students who are willing to get admission to the top MBA colleges in the country.

Why go for MBA in Bangalore? Check out the Key aspects here!

Pursuing MBA from Bangalore is one of the best choices you will make in your life as lots of options for pursuing an MBA is available here at a low fee with a high Return on Investment (ROI). There are very reasons “why Bangalore attracts thousands of aspirants for MBA admission each and every year from all parts of the country”. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Hub of IT, E-commerce, PSUs

As this place offers the best in class for the living facility, education, and tech-related all types of support are easily available here. Now one can get the best in class services in all fields.

  • Education Hub for Management, Technology, Design, and Health

As this lies in the southern part of this country; India is the 2 nd largest populated country in the world and that led to the creation of more jobs as well educated in this sector. As this is the place the IT hub due to all these field-related issues. Working in the entire field related to this will help in the development of this area.

  • Strong Placements in Top Companies

Learning from the best place metropolitan in the country will provide an ample amount of opportunity for the young ones to develop and nurture their carrier for the future of young ones.

Top 10 MBA Colleges In Bangalore 2023

Private MBA colleges in Bangalore offer PGDM programmers. Some of the AICTE (All India institute of technical  education) approved top private MBA colleges in Bangalore 2023 include ;

  • TAPMI,
  • XIME,
  • JAGSoM,
  • IBA
  • Welingkar are among others.

In addition, there are top private university colleges in Bangalore that offer university MBA degree programs in the best manner they can. These include SIBM, Amrita, NMIMS, and Christ University among others.

Top MBA Colleges In Bangalore With Fee Structure 2023

MBA College Average Salary in Placement (Rs. In Lakhs)
IIM Bangalore28.98
TAPMI Manipal12.10
JACKSON Bangalore10.21
SIBM Bangalore10.26
XIME Bangalore9.07
Christ University Bengaluru9.00
SDMIMD Mysore8.90
IBA Bangalore6.92
Alliance University Bangalore8.00
Welingkar (WeSchool) Bangalore7.91
AIMS Institutes Bangalore5.00
IFIM College Bangalore6.00
Jain University’s MIME Bangalore10.50
Ramaiah Institute of Management Bangalore6.50
RV Institute of Management Bangalore5.50
NSB Academy Bangalore6.50

MBA Colleges In Bangalore With Low Fees 2023                                                  

MBA Colleges in Bangalore with low fees

MBA in Bangalore with Low Fees (Rs. in Lakhs)
Christ University Bengaluru  7.90
IBA Bangalore  8.60
Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore  8.00
NSB Academy Bangalore  7.50
RV Institute of Management, Bangalore 7.00


Bangalore MBA University

This is one of the best MBA universities in Bangalore as it offers the best in class services faculty with ample amount of focus on the all-round development of the student. So one can consider it for their MBA degree.

Bangalore MBA Colleges

List of Best known MBA Colleges in Bangalore

  • IIM Bangalore
  • TAPMI Mahipal
  • JAGSOM Bangalore
  • SIBM Bangalore
  • XIME Bangalore
  • Christ University Bengaluru
  • SDMIMD Mysore
  • IBA Bangalore
  • Alliance University Bangalore
  • Welingkar (WeSchool) Bangalore
  • AIMS Institutes Bangalore
  • IFIM College Bangalore
  • Jain University’s MIME Bangalore
  • Ramaiah Institute of Management Bangalore
  • RV Institute of Management Bangalore
  • NSB Academy Bangalore

Collage With Best Placement Offer

Collage name

IIM Bangalore 4.84
RV Institute of Management4.4
PESU, Bangalore, and Indus Business Academy4.1
CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University)3.9
Christ University3.8
Presidency University and ABBS3.7


MBA Colleges In Bangalore With respective Fee Structure 2023

MBA College Find MBA Fee (Rs. In lakhs)
IIM Bangalore23.15
TAPMI Manipal17.00
JACKSON Bangalore14.50
SIBM Bangalore16.50
XIME Bangalore11.60
Christ University Bengaluru7.80
SDMIMD Mysore11.30
IBA Bangalore8.50
Alliance University Bangalore14.50
Welingkar WeSchool Bangalore13.00
AIMS Institutes Bangalore8.50
IFIM College Bangalore9.40
Jain University’s MIME Bangalore9.20
Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore8.25
RV Institute of Management, Bangalore7.25
NSB Academy, Bangalore7.25


Top private MBA Colleges in Bangalore 2023

All India MBAUniverse.com Ranking 2023 Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore Rank-Wise
01IIM Bangalore
20TAPMI Manipal
JAGSOM Bangalore
37SIBM Bangalore
XIME Bangalore
40SDMIMD Mysore
55IBA Bangalore
Alliance University Bangalore
IFIM College Bangalore
62Ramaiah Institute of Management Bangalore
71RV Institute of Management Bangalore

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore without Entrance Exam 2023

Many MBA colleges in Bangalore conduct their own entrance exam too and they may offer admission based on the profile of the earlier degree. These MBA colleges in Bangalore do not pressure high score on the entrance exam. Besides, during the past two years of the pandemic, AICTE had also directed the MBA colleges in Bangalore not to insist on scores of MBA entrance exams for admission but to see the entire collection of things that the student possesses. However, we strongly recommend you to take admitted to any of the colleges listed above. So if you want to consider Bangalore as your MBA destination we will here provide all the help needed by any student about MBA colleges in Bangalore 2023.


Thus these all sets of factors, are responsible for the best-in-class services delivered to the student at an affordable and pocket-friendly price in tire 1 class cities like Bangalore. We recommend you go through the lines to choose the best for your best time in life.


Which college is best for doing MBA in Bangalore? Following are some of the best  colleges in Bangalore;

  • IIM Bangalore
  • TAPMI Mahipal
  • JAGSOM Bangalore
  • SIBM Bangalore
  • XIME Bangalore

Which MBA college has the best placement? These are some of the colleges with the best placement in 2021;

Collage name                 Ratings
IIM Bangalore4.8
RV Institute of Management(4.4)
PESU, Bangalore, and Indus Business Academy(4.1)
CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University)(3.9)
Christ University(3.8)
Presidency University and ABBS(3.7)

Which are the top 10 colleges in Bangalore? The 10 best collages in Bangalore are as follows;

  • IIM Bangalore
  • TAPMI Mahipal
  • JAGSOM Bangalore
  • SIBM Bangalore
  • XIME Bangalore
  • Christ University Bengaluru
  • SDMIMD Mysore
  • IBA Bangalore
  • Alliance University Bangalore
  • Welingkar (WeSchool) Bangalore

Is it good to study MBA in Bangalore? Yes, it is the best in India due to these two reasons;

  • IIM and
  • Bangalore is a tier-one city in India.

Which college is better for MBA in Bangalore? The Best is IIM but you may go for others too. What are the fees for an MBA in Bangalore? Fees vary from college to college. Is Bangalore University good for MBA? Due to its faculty and placement, it can be considered one of the best in India for an MBA. How can I get an MBA seat in Bangalore? Apply with the required eligibility in the government-organized exams; Like CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, etc.
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