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What are the desirable high salary courses after the 12th?

Choosing a correct career path is very important after completing academics. Initially, we have to choose between science, Commerce, or Arts once we qualify for our 10th. But after the 12th we have to choose a course in which we want to make our career. Also, believe it or not, it is the most crucial part of a student’s life. This decision is going to provide them with high salaried jobs in the future.

Currently, there are so many courses available for students through which students can get high-salary jobs in any sector. But these countless high salary courses after 12th sometimes confuse the students and just skip to follow their passion. It is equally important for a student to follow their interests regardless of getting a high salary job after completing a course. In this blog, students will get to know about the most demanded high salary courses after the 12th.

  1. 1. Engineering: Believe it or not, engineering is the most sought-after career option for students. 70% of students who score good marks in their 12th by opting for science choose engineering as their career. The strong interest of students toward this course also has enabled the peoples to open engineering colleges so densely in every part of the country.

About Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Tech) or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is a full-time course of 4 years with specialization in multiple fields. Students should have Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as their main subject in 12th to choose a career in engineering. Apart from the degree, students can also choose to pursue diplomas like ITI or polytechnic to get a job in the engineering field. These diploma courses are comparatively less expensive than B.Tech.

Admission procedure: Most of the colleges offer direct admission to B. Tech courses while for other colleges, students have to qualify for the entrance examinations. Some popular engineering entrance examinations are AIEEE, JEE, and NEET. Additionally, every state has its own entrance examination to shortlist students for the course of B. Tech in the best colleges. Also, the student must have scored more than 50% marks in their 10th and 12 to take admission in engineering courses (Especially B. Tech and BE).

  1. 2. Medical: Medical courses are the second option of the toppers after engineering. It is important to have biology in your 12 class along with Physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English to choose medical science after 12th. Candidates can become a doctor, surgeon, or a physician after completing their medical studies. Medical science is the priority when we talk about high-salary courses after the 12th. It is popular among students for its excellent earning potential and social status in society.

Some common medical courses by which customers can get high salaried jobs are MBBS, MD, or MS. Colleges offer limited seats for these courses. Also, the admission will be done based on the entrance examination scores. Hence the students need to prepare well if they are going to appear in any medical entrance examination in the future.

Eligibility criteria to peruse medical courses:

  • It is necessary to have biology in 12th to take admission in any medical course. Along with this, they should have studied Physics, chemistry, and English in their class 12th.
  • The students should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in their higher secondary examination.
  • Candidates must be of Indian nationality to appear in any medical entrance examination or pursue any course from Indian college.
  1. 3. Law: Law courses are very common these days and are preferred to be high salary courses after 12th. Increasing rates of crimes and law violations have pulled the attraction of students towards the Law profession. As of now most of the students choose to pursue LLB after completing their schooling. There is a very good scope of income after completing LLB. Students can become a Lawyer, Attorney, Legal Advisor, Solicitor General, or a Tax lawyer after completing their education. LLB aspirants also have great career opportunities in the government and private sector. They can prepare for central or state government jobs like civil services, defense, and judges in civil courts.

About LLB: There are two types of Law courses; the integrated LLB program and the regular LLB courses. Generally, students choose to take admission in any course after completing their 12th class. But the integrated LLB program is the only course that accepts admission even after the 10 class. Also, the course duration of a regular and integrated LLB program is different. An integrated LLB course will be of years as the student can take admission in this course after completing their 10th class. On the other hand, a regular LLB program is of 3 years. Students can take admission in a regular LLB course after completing their graduation from any recognized university.

Eligibility to take admission in LLB: Unlike medical and engineering, there is no condition to have a specific subject or stream in 12th. Even a student from Arts can take admission in LLB courses. Apart from this, every college has its own cut-off criteria to allot seats for LLB courses. Students have to fulfill the cut-off criteria to take admission to that particular college. Students can also apply for the entrance examination such as LSAT, AILET, and CLAT to take admission in foremost law colleges.

  1. 4. Hotel Management: At present times, the hospitality industry has a wide range of options for students. Hotel management is said to be the most underrated job since people think that cooking or welcoming customers are not what they ever thought of doing. Still, many students think out of the box and choose hotel management as their career. Also, it needs the personal interest of the individual to pursue their career in hotel management.

About Hotel management: Hotel management is a 3years full-time course. Regardless of any stream, it is necessary to score a minimum of 50% marks in 12th to choose hotel management as a career. Multiple colleges across the country offer various graduation and post-graduation courses for students. Also, the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) and the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) conduct different entrance exams to shortlist candidates for hotel management courses

Career opportunities: There is a wide range of career opportunities for students who have a degree in hotel management. They can either be a chef in any popular restaurant or can Join a private food manufacturing firm as a food inspector. Apart from this, they can also think of opening their own hotel despite working under a manager.

  1. 5. Pharmaceuticals: Like medical science, the Pharmaceuticals sector also deals with medicines and surgical equipment. In Pharmaceuticals courses the students will learn about the chemical formation of medicines. Also, they will know about the utility of various medicines and drugs in practical life. Most of the Pharmaceuticals courses are full time and students have to invest their 4 years to get a degree. But presently, some institutions are providing short-term diploma courses for the student. Some common pharmaceuticals courses are B. Pharma, and M, Pharma.

Eligibility: The basic criteria to take admission in a pharmaceuticals course is that the students should have completed their 12 classes with Physics, Chemistry, and biology. Apart from this, they have to score a minimum of 50% marks to get eligible to take admission in any college.

Career opportunities: All Pharmaceutical companies hire Pharmaceuticals graduates for various posts in their companies. Also, many pharmaceutical companies in India have their business internationally. Students can join these companies after completing their education to get settled abroad.

  1. 6. Management: Students from the commerce stream can choose among multiple management courses to pursue their careers. There are many courses for graduation like BBA, CMI, and CMC and post-graduation or diploma course line MBA. PGDM, M. Com, or MCM. After qualifying for these courses students can apply for the position of manager or equivalent in any private or corporate office. Management students are among the most demanded persons in any industry. Every sector, whether it is a government sector or a private sector, needs a person to manage their manpower.

Eligibility criteria: There is no restriction to choose the science stream in 12th if you want to do a management course. Candidates have to score not less than 50% marks in higher secondary. If the candidate has passed their 12th class from the commerce stream, then it will be a positive point for them. They already know about so many topics for the management course in their school.

  1. 7. Accounts: most commerce students have deep interests in accounts. This is the main reason they decide to pursue their career on the account. An accountant doesn’t have any fewer job opportunities than engineers or managers. Every small and large organization needs an accountant to manage the accounts department.

Career opportunities: Under the job of an accountant, individuals have to manage certain tasks like managing the salary of the employees and credit it timely into the account of the employees. Apart from this, if you are good at academics then you can also become a CA or CS in any government organization. All the private organizations hire B. Com, BBA, BCA, graduates for their accounts department. If you are a commerce student then you can also think of pursuing a bachelor course in statistical analysis.

Eligibility criteria: the students should have commerce in their 12th class to pause their career in the account. They have scored not less than 60% marks in their 12 standards.

  1. 8. Mass communication: This is the evolving career for today’s generation. There are so many colleges in India that offer mass communication courses at an affordable fee structure. If you have a little bit of interest in journalism and media then this career will provide you new opportunities. Also, mass communication has a wide scope. Students who have recently passed their 12th class can take admission g in mass communication courses.

About Mass communication courses: there are multiple courses in Mass communication in which students can take specialization. In this course, students will learn about the technicalities of movie making, editing, and journalism. There are selected colleges in India that are popular for Mass communication courses. Hence the candidates have to research if they are thinking of pursuing any Mass communication course.

Job opportunities in Mass communication: Students can become news reporters, editors, journalists, directors, or producers after completing their Mass communication course. The Mass communication industry is growing rapidly these days. So it might be possible that students will get to see a lot more opportunities in this field.

  1. 9. Fashion designing: Fashion designing is the career option for the modern generation. Not every student is interested in fashion-related things. But if you have a little interest in this then you can do a bachelor’s degree in Fashion designing to know more about it. Professionals will teach about the basics of the quality of fabrics and design patterns that are most demanded by the customers.

Eligibility criteria: Students who have passed their 12th class in the arts stream can take admission in a fashion designing course. Several entrance examinations provide admission to renowned colleges. Also, you need to score a minimum of 50% marks in both your 10th and 12th to get an average college.

Job Opportunities: After completing your degree in Fashion designing, you can apply for a position of designer in the textile industry. Apart from this, there are multiple high-paid jobs for a Fashion designer graduate in the fashion industry.

  1. 10. Architecture: Architecture is a course for highly creative students. Although this is completely a drawing-based course still students need to choose the science stream in 12th to become an architect. The most common course for Architecture is Bachelor of Architecture B. Arch.

About Architecture courses: This is a full-time integrated course of 5 years. In Architecture courses, the students will learn about the advanced concept of designing and constructing buildings, roads, and other architectural structures. Once you complete an Architecture course, countless opportunities for high-paid jobs will open for you. Many construction companies hire Architects engineers at a high salary.

Eligibility criteria: Students should have to choose Physics, chemistry, and maths in their 12th to pursue a course in architecture. Also, they need to score a minimum of 50% in all their subjects to appear in any entrance exam. If you want to take direct admission then you can visit the colleges to know the admission procedure.

  1. 11. Teaching: This is the most common profession these days and students having average marks in 12th can also pursue their career in teaching. Multiple private and government colleges are providing Graduation and a postgraduate degree to the students.

There are multiple full-time and part-time courses that customers can pursue after their 12th. If you eagerly want to get a teaching job then you can apply for these entrance NET, TET, and CTET.

There is no compulsion that the student should have to choose science or commerce in their 12th class. The only eligibility to pursue a career in teaching is to qualify the schooling and graduation both with 60% marks.

Apart from all the above-mentioned courses, there are few prestigious designations in government and private organizations for which students sought-after. Students have to score excellent marks in academics and graduation to apply for these positions. Some of the famous positions are IAS, IPS, Defence services, Scientists, Researcher, Banker, Environmentalist, and civil services. There is no such compulsion that you have to pursue an engineering course to apply and crack the examination for these posts. All you need to have is knowledge of current affairs with a sharp grasping power.

Every student must have appeared for one of these examinations in their career, but they aren’t able to qualify due to tough competitions. If you want to prepare for these examinations then you have to put in all your efforts and study. Also, there are many famous coaching centers and institutes that provide special guidance to the students preparing for these examinations. Students preparing for government examinations after 12th class need a graduation degree to get a job.

If you have recently qualified for your 12th examinations with good marks and want guidance to choose a correct path then you should read this blog. You will get all the necessary details for the high salary courses after 12th. You can choose any of the above degrees to get a high-paid job.


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